Silverstione’s new desktop SST-ML01

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Company Silverstone introduce a new products in the desktop range SST-ML01 ( ML – abbreviation from Milo, a new series of desktops)


This product is aiming his main target audience under System Integrators looking for a value balanced solution in this product segment. The case has a steel chassis, aluminium front panel and is equipped with 300W TFX PSU. With included foots the product can be used vertically or horizontally. Two versions will be available with and w/o integrated card reader.

The ML01 was created to further leverage the emerging trend of MoDT (mobile on desktop) processors for building home and office computers. Equipped with a compact but powerful 300W PSU and an intelligent airflow layout to ensure even lower powered desktop processors can be cooled sufficiently, this case will accommodate a wide range of system configurations easily. ML01 in both colours is in stock beginning from the week 39, the recommended end user price net is 126,00 € for the version without card reader.


  • Contemporary styling for any environment, cost effective solution for industrial requirements
  • Slim profile of less than 100mm suitable for nearly any space
  • Exceptional venting for mobile or mid-level desktop processors
  • Vertical foot stands included for versatility
  • Equipped with high quality 300W power supply