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COUGAR Introduces the Hotrod – a motorsports-inspired gaming chair designed to support extreme gaming performance

Engineered for maximum comfort, control and precision, the Hotrod supports and adapts to your body during the intense maneuvers of fast-paced gaming.

Precision. Focus. Endurance: qualities of every high-performance endeavor, from athletics to gaming. With the demand it places on equipment designed for maximum comfort and support, COUGAR looked to motorsports for inspiration, resulting...

Introducing the NxSys Aero – the Next System of gaming chairs with advanced, integrated cooling

Pioneering a new epoch of gaming chair design, the NxSys Aero features a revolutionary advanced cooling system that completely redefines comfort and style.

The future has arrived, and it’s called the NxSys Aero. We’ve taken the best of ergonomics, cooling technology, and style to create a chair that’s light years ahead of the competition. The...

Backforce V Gaming-Chair im Test

Vielversprechender Spieler-Stuhl für knapp 400 Euro

Die Firma Interstuhl, bekannt für die Gaming-Chair-Serie Backforce, hat uns wieder ein neues Produkt aus ihrem Hause zugesandt. Wir hatten die Chance, euch in der Vergangenheit die beiden Modelle Backforce One und Backforce...