Experience mind-blowing physics action in CellFactor: Revolution for the PC; now available for free download

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

San Francisco, May 8, 2007 – CellFactor: Revolution, an intense recruiting tool in the form of a first person shooter PC game is now available for download from FileFront (1UP), FilePlanet (IGN Entertainment) and Gamespot recruiting stations. CellFactor: Revolution challenges gamers’ Psionic aptitude and strategic combat abilities in a grueling five level, physics-intensive, gaming environment.


L.I.M.B.O. Corporation has drafted Immersion Games, Artificial Studios and Timeline Interactive to bring CellFactor: Revolution to fruition. L.I.M.B.O. also tapped the power of AGEIA Technologies’ PhysX™ Processor to produce an interactive, physics-based gaming experience. CellFactor: Revolution redefines physical interaction amongst players and the environment. They can manipulate thousands of objects simultaneously causing massive environmental destruction and interact with everything from rolling clouds of toxic gasses, particle beams weapons and dangerous lava; all integral to stimulating and highly intensive gameplay.

L.I.M.B.O. Corporation and the United Nations (U.N.) are currently the last two remaining power factions fighting for control of Earth. L.I.M.B.O.’s main purpose is to rebuild the world over the ashes of the imperfect and rusted human race. By injecting nanobots into its test subjects, L.I.M.B.O Corporation has fused man and machine. In doing so, it has successfully brought to life a new race of mechanically and cybernetically-enhanced, superior human forms. The GUARD, an elite military group formed by the United Nations, has been recruited to protect and defend international humanitarian rights. They are the only ones strong enough to stand up to L.I.M.B.O. Corporation, which has refused to recognize the power of the U.N.

“Our recruitment standards are high, but so is our mission,” said a L.I.M.B.O. Corporation representative. “We need the best and strongest recruits to join our cause. CellFactor: Revolution will test their mental and physical aptitude and show us who is worthy to join the new race.”

In CellFactor: Revolution players can master three unique character classes with a mix of Psionic, technological or weapon abilities:

Black Ops – This U.N. Soldier was L.I.M.B.O.’s first genetic alteration experiment using Psionic power; he has a mix of Psionic, unique weapons and vehicular abilities.
Guardian – L.I.M.B.O.’s ultimate mechanical soldier. Guardian wields two weapons; can strike his victims down with quick assault; and can tear through anything in his path.
Bishop – Genetically altered by L.I.M.B.O., the Bishop wields hypercharged Psionic powers in lieu of mechanical weapons. All of her abilities rely on physics and manipulating the environment around her as a weapon.

“This is has been an exciting and very rewarding project that pushed boundaries both artistically and technically,” said Julian Castillo, Art Director and Lead Designer at Immersion Games. “We’re eagerly anticipating stories of players’ favorite kills.”

Jeremy Stieglitz, President of Artificial Studios added: “The way you play CellFactor: Revolution and all the things you can do in it (not to mention modify it later) make it stand out from other shooters in the genre.”

CellFactor: Revolution caters to players with and without the AGEIA PhysX card. The game automatically detects systems with a PhysX card, offering players the option to progress through a single-player campaign mode that includes three “extreme PhysX” levels. PhysX users can also challenge humans and AI-enemies in four LAN-based multiplayer modes. The multiplayer skirmish game types support up to eight humans and 10 artificially-intelligent controlled enemies, either in a PhysX hardware only, or software only mode. Gamers without a PhysX processor can play two simpler levels in skirmish modes or choose to install the processor to enable the full game experience.

“The sheer entertainment value of PhysX in CellFactor: Revolution cannot be overstated,” said Manju Hegde, CEO of AGEIA Technologies, Inc. “We’re honored to work with cutting-edge development teams who have used PhysX technology as the backbone for this fun and original experience, now available for the masses.”

Built on flexible code architecture, CellFactor: Revolution will ship with modding tools. Gamers can use these tools to build new game settings and scenarios.

To download the game for free, please visit any of the following recruiting stations: www.gamespot.com; www.filefront.com brought to you by 1UP; www.fileplanet.com hosted by IGN Entertainment. Visit the newly redesigned www.cellfactorrevolution.com website to download game assets, read developer interviews and more.