Computex 2007 New Product Release: Future of Liquid Cooling: Big Water 760i

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

May, 2007 – Thermaltake, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end PC chassis, high-efficiency power supply and liquid cooling solution, today announced the next generation of high performance liquid cooling system, Big Water 760i. This new breed of liquid cooling system focuses on easy of use while improving upon the performance level that Big Water series of water cooling systems have been know for.


Big Water 760i is consisted of an all inclusive bay drive unit and a water block with intelligent interconnect that can be installed effortlessly. Ultra quiet pump, 12CM blue LED fan, water reservoir and high performance radiator are all strategically positioned inside the bay drive unit. User can simply install the bay drive unit into 5.25” drive bay, secure the water-block on CPU, and connect the intelligent interconnect to complete this easy installation process.

To decrease manufacturing cost, traditional water blocks often are designed with simple water channel. However, water within the liquid cooling system travels at very high speed and does not have sufficient time to absorb heat from the heat source. To overcome this major downside, Thermaltake developed water block with Redundant Micro Channel Design to effectively divide water flow into micro channels thus accelerating heat transfer from heat source to liquid material. In additional, micro channel are stacked on top of each other to fully utilize the available space within the water block and further increases heat transfer.

Intelligent interconnect has built-in automatic shut-off valves that prevents accidental water leakage while disconnecting the water tubing while assembly or dismounting. A feature that greatly decreases the risks of damaging other critical components from improper installation.

In addition to water block, pump also plays a determining factor in thermal efficiency. BigWater 760i utilizes the P500 pump that is capable of pushing 500L/H (131.9G/H) of water that improves the overall efficiency and cooling performance. Durable ceramic bearing mechanism also ensures years of uninterrupted operation. The radiator is now equipped with the new Dimple Tube Technology to increase the turbulence within the radiator, effectively enlarging the surface area of coolant contact and elongating the time that the coolant stays in the radiator to be cooled.

The introduction of Thermaltake BigWater 760i not only brings forward the future of liquid cool technology but sets a standard of excellence that result in greater reliability.