Thermaltake DuOrb Universal VGA Cooler Supports NVIDIA 9600GT

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

February,2008 – With continuously recommendations from the worldwide media, Thermaltake DuOrb universal VGA cooler has been undoubtedly recognized to be the most popular VGA cooler with superb performance. For million choices of the marketed VGA cards, Thermaltake DuOrb universal VGA cooler provides the most completed compatibilities, and now also compatible with the latest NVIDIA 9600 GT graphics cards.


DuOrb for VGA unites the technology and innovation of Thermaltake well-known Orb family coolers; the brand-new ScurveTM double fans design provides extreme cooling performance and most eye-catching appearance. Despite the twin orb innovation, the pure copper construction of DuOrb also accounts for the external shine of DuOrb. Moreover, with the extra copper heat pipes carrying heat to two different sourced heat radiating fins, DuOrb cools twice as fast and efficient as the traditional coolers with single radiating source.

Fitting with all high-end video cards currently on the market including the latest NVIDIA 9600GT, DuOrb has brought VGA cooling to the next professional level for all gamers and PC enthusiasts around the world.