Thermaltake Spedo – Upgradable Easy Swap Package for Ultimate Performance

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Oct, 2008 – Thermaltake Spedo is under much heated discussion online since its launch not long ago. The exciting racing images attached to the product with its fascinating and innovative features never seen before are clearly arousing the extreme nature of topnotch PC enthusiasts around the world. As PC players themselves, Thermaltake engineers are not yet satisfied; today, they give us their latest upgrade for Spedo— the Easy Swap Package for ultimate performance.


The HDD Easy Swap Package has been added to the upgrading accessories for making things easier for users; it will allow you to remove your HDD without disconnecting the SATA and PSU cables. Spedo supports up to 6 Easy swapping devices which also works smoothly with the “HDD relocation” feature of Spedo. HDD swapping can be very annoying, but with the combination of the two unique features, disconnecting 5.25 and 3.25 drive bay with HDD is simple and easy. This might seem like a small change, but you’ll be surprised how it put a smile on your face in the actual application.