(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan – January. 26th , 2010 – A-DATA® Technology Co., Ltd., the worldwide leader in DRAM module and Flash application products, today announces that its XPG™ series DDR3 DRAM modules are fully compatible with ASUS® P7H57D/P7H55 series motherboards, that promising to deliver the highest stability and performance.


In order to present the leading position and technology in the industry, A-DATA has demonstrated its latest products for Intel® H57/H55 platform at ASUS H57/H55 motherboard technical seminar in Taiwan. During this event, A-DATA has showcased its XPG series DDR3 DRAM modules, including XPG Gaming Series, Plus Series, and Xtreme Series DRAM module. Moreover, A-DATA also has showcased its latest XPG Gaming Series v2.0 and Plus Series v2.0 DRAM module, which features Thermal Conductive Technology (TCT) and doubling amount of copper in the PCB, to perform immediate heat spreading from critical areas and improve the energy efficiency.
“We are delighted with the launch of ASUS P7H57D/P7H55 series motherboards that can meet the thirst of different level of PC from various PC users.” said Action Chen, Project Manager of A-DATA XPG business unit.” A-DATA has been working with our strategic partners including ASUS closely, ensuring that our XPG series DDR3 DRAM module can perform and maintain the promised stability and performance on the latest ASUS motherboard.”

“ASUS has been building a strategic partnership with A-DATA on testing XPG Series DDR3 DRAM module to ensure the compatibility with our latest motherboards.” said Joe Hsieh, General Manager of ASUS Motherboard Business Unit. ”We are pleased that the XPG DDR3 DRAM modules are able to perform great result on our latest P7H57D/P7H55 series motherboards, that allows the PC users to take full advantage of it”