Team Group Inc. releases X101 USB3.0 high-end flash drive disk elegant debut at 2011 Computex with exclusive gradient coating

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

24.05.2011 – Team Group Inc. introduces the Team X101 USB 3.0 flash drive disk at 2011 Computex. The X101 is the world’s first aluminum ally flash drive disk that uses gradient coating with color rendering to specify the extreme speed of 100MB/sec transfer rate. The subtle and simplified high quality metal appearance perfectly interprets the high speed performance of USB 3.0, adding another new force to Team Group’s high-end products.


Combining both high technology and chic design, the Team X101 comes in a reserved color of dark green and dark blue to stress its neat and trim business style with a solid quality that compliments the elegant taste of modern metro-sexual. The high performance helps save every valuable second for busy executives and businessmen so that they can work more efficiently. Adopting the new generation USB 3.0 ultra speed interface with a bandwidth that reaches as high as 5Gbps, which is 10 times faster than the current mainstream USB 2.0’s 480Mbps. With USB 3.0, it takes only 70 seconds to transfer a 25GB blu-ray video. In addition to the high-speed transfer rate, the X101 comes in large capacities of 32GB or 64GB, making it the best choice for satisfying the mobile storage needs of elite professionals.

Featuring high speed, high capacity and shock-resistant, the Team X101 supports plug and play and is downwards compatible with the USB 2.0 interface. It entirely complies with the European Union’s RoHS green environment specifications and supports power-saving mode, which is an effort of Team Group Inc. to protect the earth.

As a leading provider of memory storage products to the consumer market, Team Group is committed to providing the best storage, multimedia and data sharing solutions. All Team memory module products come with a lifetime warranty, repair and replacement services. For more information, please visit the Team website at