Swiftech Introduces New Apogee SKF Heirloom Series

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Swiftech Apogee SKF Heirloom Series

PICO RIVERA, CA, June 30, 2017 – Rouchon Industries Inc., dba Swiftech® (OTC Pink Current: RCHN), the leading force in driving the high-end thermal management scene in personal computers today announced the release of their Apogee SKF Heirloom Series.


We are proud to announce our first “Heirloom Series” event featuring the new Apogee SKF. With its new Heirloom Series, Swiftech is bringing the community unique, personalized, high performance, long-lasting products.

The Swiftech Apogee™ SKF is a highly innovative CPU waterblock featuring a revolutionary cooling engine and customization options that allows users to go beyond their limits. The Apogee SKF features an entirely new cooling engine made of 125 micron (< 5 thousandth’s of an inch!) thick slotted fins. This new technology is at the very least one generation ahead of the competition and will be the foundation of Swiftech’s next generation CPU waterblocks. The initial Heirloom Event offers hundreds of different combinations: 5 different tops finishes, 6 unique cover plates, 8 logo colors, and 2 colors for the mounting brackets. There is even an option to custom “engrave” the SKF waterblock with up to 16 characters. New Cooling Engine Made of 125 Micron Thick Slotted Fins

Swiftech New Cooling Engine

Swiftech Apogee SKF Heirloom Series – LIMITED EDITION

Swiftech Apogee SKF Heirloom Series

Pricing and Availability
These products will available for $94.95 USD via PRE-SALE to end-users worldwide on June 30, 2017.