Qualcomm Accelerates Development for Copilot+ PCs with Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

  • The Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows, powered by Snapdragon X Elite, is a compact-form-factor PC designed for Windows developers to take advantage of the next-gen AI PC capabilities of Snapdragon.
  • It is purpose-built with the configurability and programmability developers need to create, debug, and test apps and experiences for the many upcoming laptops based on the Snapdragon X Series.

At Microsoft Build, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. in collaboration with Microsoft, today announced the Snapdragon® Dev Kit for Windows, a compact-form-factor PC powered by Snapdragon® X Elite and specifically designed for developers creating or optimizing apps and experiences for the next generation of AI PCs.

With a wide range of Snapdragon® X Series powered laptops hitting shelves soon, developers will have access to incredible new technology, enabling them to create fully-optimized software and AI experiences.

Using the native Windows on Snapdragon toolchain, including Visual Studio/VSCode and many other runtimes, libraries and frameworks, the Dev Kit lets developers quickly adapt and recompile Windows applications natively for Snapdragon, helping to deliver PC consumers the best possible experience. The Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows features a special, accelerated Developer Edition of the Snapdragon X Elite processor, along with an array of ports and a form factor designed to be compatible with developers’ multi-monitor systems.

“The Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows is purpose-built to accelerate the next generation of on-device AI applications for PCs,” said Kedar Kondap, senior vice president and general manager of compute and gaming, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “This system gives developers access to our powerful Qualcomm Oryon™ CPU and 45 TOPS NPU, so they can build the AI apps of the future.”

The Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows is available today for pre-order, with retail availability on June 18. It will cost $899.99.