Legend Adopts New Logo – lenovo

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Hong Kong, April 28, 2003 – Legend Group Limited (“Legend”) (stock code: 992) today announced the change of its logo to lenovo (pronounced as len’nouvou) to cater for the Group’s diversified business development and lay the groundwork for its expansion in overseas market.


Despite the change, both the Chinese and English company names of Legend Group Limited remain unchanged. For its business activities in China, Legend will continue to use its Chinese brand name (i.e. ) while the Chinese logo will also be used in combination with the new English logo lenovo. For overseas market, lenovo will be used alone.

Yang Yuanqing, President & CEO of Legend said, “Legend’s branding is one of our most valuable assets on which our strength lies. In view of our rapid expansion in recent years, we need a logo that fully captures Legend’s business diversification and its goal of internationalization. On our way to become internationalized, we need to have an English brand name that can be used unrestrictedly in markets worldwide in the first place. However, the original English brand name, “LEGEND”, has already been registered by others in many countries, making it essential to design and register a new English brand name. Although our business focus is still on China, expanding into the international market is an inevitable path with the globalization of IT industry and for Legend’s self-development. That is why we must take proactive action in our preparation.”

lenovo is a new word coined by Legend. The “le” in lenovo indicates the connection with “LEGEND” while “novo” is derived from Latin, which means “innovation and novelty”. The combination of these two into lenovo represents “an innovative Legend”, which embodies four superb attributes, namely “trustworthy”, “innovative & energetic”, “professional services” and “easy”. Adopting the basic tone of blue combined with a modern design with simplicity, lenovo is a vivid representation of professionalism, technology, profoundness and wisdom.

lenovo and lenovo have already been registered by Legend worldwide. The adoption of the new logo will be completed in six months to one year’s time. The change will first be made in major cities and key retail shops in the PRC, followed by a step-by-step completion in other cities and regions over the country. The new logo will be used on products which are manufactured from April 29 onwards. With the adoption of a single branding structure, Legend’s consumer IT business, corporate IT business, IT services business, handheld device business and all Legend’s products will apply the new logo while motherboard business will continue to use the “QDI” logo.

Yang Yuanqing said, “Having fully considered the Group’s future strategies and recent development and having made reference to the successful experience of well-known international brands, we decided to choose a single branding structure, which will facilitate us to concentrate our resources on the accumulation of our brand value. During the process of changing our logo, we have conducted extensive market research, and the logo and English brand name were then subject to a serious procedure of justification and discussion. Besides, we have also engaged a world-class branding consultancy whose professional advice helped us accumulate valuable experience, establish and perfect many work procedures related to branding. We believe this will greatly enhance the brand image of Legend and pave the way for our brighter future.”

Yang Yuanqing continued, “The change of logo will exert long-term and far-reaching impact on the Group’s business development, with our positioning becoming clearer, our company converging greater power, our internationalization process materialized further and our vision getting farther. In future, we will continue to show our commitment to our customers, business partners, staff and shareholders, with our management philosophies and core values.”

Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman of Legend commented, “A brand itself is not merely a logo. Its value is built on the recognition of society and people in general. The older generation of Legend’s staff not only longed for making our brand name famous in the PRC but also wish to make it an internationally renowned brand, and making Legend an outstanding representative among Chinese enterprises. Through this, the lofty goal of “Technology Rewards the Country” that Legend set when founded will be materialized. Today, we have already made a big stride towards this goal.”

Legend’s great sense of responsibility has promoted it to put the expectation of the PRC and its people at a high priority. In view of the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in a number of provinces and municipalities in the country, Legend together with its parent company and sister company have donated RMB 10 million to support the preventive work against SARS in Beijing. Furthermore, thousands of Legend’s staff also took the initiative to organize donation program for supporting the combat against SARS.

Today, Legend also rolled out the first batch of self-developed handsets which carry the new logo, lenovo. Three of the six newly launched handset models, G818, G900 and ET180 are among the first locally developed handsets that support multimedia messaging service (“MMS”) and group sending. Embodying a handwriting recognition function, G900 has a colour screen with a high resolution of 260,000 pixels. These newly debuted products represent the realization of the collaborated telecommunications and IT technologies.

The new domain name of Legend’s website, www.lenovo.com, and the email address of its staff in the form of xxx@lenovo.com are now effective. The original domain name of the company website, www.legendgrp.com, can still be used.

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