Albatron’s KX600 Pro mainboard first to launch with powerful VIA KT600 chipset

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Albatron Technology, an IT hardware solutions provider recently launched the KX600 Pro mainboard which is based on the latest VIA KT600 chipsets. This new board also supports AMD’s latest 0.13-micron processors capable of FSB400. This FSB allows the CPU to keep up with its high speed DDR400 counterpart. The KX600 Pro also provides enhanced multimedia performance with a 6 Channel Audio system and an AGP 8X interface. Finally, onboard LAN rounds out a very complete set of communications facilities.

Albatron KX600 Pro

Among Albatron’s line of K7 mainboards, it is the KX600 Pro that has become the first to employ VIA’s latest KT600 Northbridge chipset. With this chipset, the KX600 Pro can support FSB400 and DDR400 memory modules, which equates to 3.2 GB/sec (400 MHz x 64-bit / 8-bit = 3.2 GB) processing speeds for both the FSB and DDR. When you match those components with a capable CPU such as the AMD Athlon XP 3200+, the system can begin to balance the processing and distribution of data as efficiently as ever before. The KX600 Pro also supports AGP 8X and can interface with the Northbridge at 2.1 GB/sec (528 MHz x 32-bit / 8-bit = 2.1 GB) ensuring that crucial graphics processing can also keep up. With this balanced attack of high-speed components, the KX600 Pro has all the goods needed to provide users with a surprisingly fast mainboard.

The KX600 Pro motherboard is also capable of taking advantage of the OTP (Over Temperature Protection) feature of Athlon XP processors. The OTP feature can detect when the CPU is reaching critical temperatures due to overclocking or perhaps a malfunctioning fan. Once detected, the OTP feature will automatically shut down the system before any damage is done to the CPU.

This mainboard also includes the Watchdog Timer feature which is used when the system hangs during the boot process. The Watchdog Timer automatically resets misconfigured BIOS settings to the default values saving the user the trouble of having to manually hard jumper the default settings on the board. This feature comes in extremely useful during overclock configurations.

The KX600 Pro comes with an embedded 3COM LAN chipset capable of 10/100 Mbps providing reliable, high-quality interconnectivity. Also embedded is a 5.1 Channel Audio chipset allowing the user to easily attach 6 surround sound speakers, creating home entertainment with studio quality audio.

With the KX600 Pro, Albatron has come out with a very attractive option for the mainstream market. Fast, reliable and fully functional, this board is also priced conservatively which means that it has the potential to make quite a splash in the market.

KX600 Pro Mainboard Features