Strong Performance for Samsung Electronics in the 2nd Quarter

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Schwalbach/Ts., Germany – July 16, 2003 – Samsung Electronics has announced its second quarter figures, which indicated another strong performance. Revenue totaled W9.84 trillion, with operating income of W1.16 trillion, and net income of W1.13 trillion. Revenue achieved quarter-on-quarter gains of 2.5%.


Total revenue breaks down as W3.76 trillion for the Device Solution Network (semiconductors and LCDs), W3.18 trillion for the Telecommunication Network (information and communications), W1.85 trillion for the Digital Media Network (audio visual appliances and computers), and W970 billion for the Digital Appliance Network (home appliances).

Operating income for the four main business units were W570 billion for the Device Solution Network, W550 billion for the Telecommunication Network, W40 billion for the Digital Media Network, and with W3 billion for Digital Appliance Network.

The Device Solution Network represented 38% of total sales; the Telecommunication Network, 32%; the Digital Media Network, 19%; the Digital Appliance Network, 10%; and other new business areas, 1%. The operating margin breakdown was 15% for the Device Solution Network, 17% for the Telecommunication Network, 2% for the Digital Media Network, and 0.3% for the Digital Appliance Network.

Revenues for some major product categories are W1.83 trillion for memory chips, W 1.09 trillion for LCDs, W 430 billion for system LSI (non-memory chips), and W2.79 trillion for wireless handsets.

Importantly, revenue for the LCD Division, which belongs to the Device Solution Network, posted a 42% growth over 2Q 2002 at W1.09 trillion. This robust performance resulted from increased production of large-size panels on the 5th generation line and strong demand for LCD TVs and laptop computers.

Despite the slumping market, the Memory Division maintained a solid performance by being first to introduce cutting-edge products and by investing continuously to bolster cost competitiveness. The revenue of Digital Appliance Network increased 22% quarter on quarter, propelled by seasonal demand for air conditioners.

Attesting to the financial soundness, the debt-to-equity ratio was 29.9% and ROE 17.6% at quarter’s end.

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