ATI’s new high-end and entry-level FireGL accelerators available in HP’s Pentium4/Xeon based workstations

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

SIGGRAPH (BOOTH# 2936), SAN DIEGO, CA/ Munich, Germany July 30, 2003 – ATI Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: ATYT; TSX: ATY) today announced that the entire range of FireGL(tm) workstation graphics accelerators is available on Pentium4/Xeon based HP Workstations. When integrated into an HP workstation, the high bandwidth, parallel processing architecture of the FireGL line, coupled with its new hardware accelerated rendering capabilities, dramatically increases productivity and decreases production time for digital content creation and mechanical design professionals.


ATI offers a complete line of workstation graphics accelerators that deliver industry-leading performance at every price segment. At the high-end, the recently announced FireGL X2-256 features 256MB of DDR II high-speed memory, and is available as a distinctive option for the HP Workstation xw4100, xw6000 and xw8000 through HP’s Leadership Graphics Program. The FireGL X2-256 is powered by the FGL(tm) 9800 Visual Processing Unit (VPU) with four geometry engines and eight parallel rendering pipelines.

At the entry level, the FireGL T2-128 features 128MB of DDR memory, offers superior price/performance, and is available as a distinctive option in the HP Workstation xw4100 and xw6000. The FireGL T2-128 is powered by the FGL 9600 VPU with two geometry engines and four parallel rendering pipelines.

And for low-profile workstations, the innovative design of the FireGL T2-64s packs a remarkable amount of graphics processing power into a low profile solution that is available in the HP Workstation xw3100. The FireGL T2-64s has 64MB of high-speed DDR memory, and is powered by the FGL 9600 VPU with two geometry engines and four parallel rendering pipelines.

These new products join the existing FireGL Z1-128p, and FireGL X1-256p HP Workstations graphics options.

„With a complete workstation graphics line encompassing products from mobile workstations to high-end visualization systems, ATI is able to offer the best solution to each customer based on their specific needs as well as their role in the design and production process,“ said Dinesh Sharma, Director of Workstation Products, ATI Technologies Inc. „In addition, ATI is unique in offering comprehensive workstation level support directly to all HP customers who select FireGL workstation graphics options.“

„The combined expertise of HP Workstations and ATI Technology provides today’s animators, special effects wizards, editors and producers the performance they require to work on ground-breaking digital content creation,“ said Jim Zafarana, vice president of worldwide marketing, HP Workstation Global Business Unit. „HP is proud to provide a high performance platform to create content that ranges from robust 2D and 3D to life-like immersive 3D environments and visualization centers.“

In addition to full WHQL certification, the FireGL line is certified for the leading DCC, CAD, AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) CFD (computational fluid dynamics), and visual simulation applications.

The large frame buffers of the FireGL line are designed to drive dual displays at a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536 per screen. In addition, quad-buffered stereo 3D is supported on the FireGL X1-256p and the FireGL Z1-128p.

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