MandrakeSoft’s product-lifetime & Open Source policies: 8 Golden Rules

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Altadena, CA; Paris, France; December, 15th 2003 – Mandrakesoft, a

leading producer of Linux desktop and server solutions, today
summarized its product-life policy and Open Source commitment.

At a time when some of the established Linux companies are turning
away from their Open Source roots and progressively abandoning
full-time commitment to Open Source Software, many people have asked
MandrakeSoft to clarify its position regarding product-lifetimes and
its Open Source development model.

„There will be no change in MandrakeSoft’s official product support
cycle, and the company remains firmly committed to the Open Source
Software model“, said François Bancilhon, CEO of MandrakeSoft.

To make the company’s position clear, MandrakeSoft has released ‚8
Golden Rules‘ which guide the company and illustrate its approach to
Product Support & Open Source:

* * * MandrakeSoft’s 8 Golden Rules * * *

1) Software updates for all Mandrake products

Official MandrakeSoft software updates — including bug fixes and
security updates — will remain freely available for all public
supported products, according to the official product lifetime table.

2) Product lifetimes are not hidden

A product lifetime table for all major MandrakeSoft products is
publicly available on the Mandrake Linux website. For example, the
Mandrake Linux 9.2 Download, Discovery, PowerPack and ProSuite
editions will be supported with core updates until March 30, 2005.

3) Product lifetimes do not change during a product’s lifetime

The support lifetimes are respected, and may sometimes even be extended.

4) Free as in ‚Libre‘ and Free as in ‚Beer‘!

A download version of Mandrake Linux, consisting entirely of Open
Source software, will continue to be released, provided without cost,
and supported.

5) MandrakeSoft’s code conforms to the GPL

ALL applications created by MandrakeSoft, such as the Mandrake Linux
installer and Linux configuration utilities, are released under the
General Public License. Our firm commitment to the GPL is the
appropriate way to „give back“ to the Free Software community.

6) Mandrake Linux — A true Open Source project

The development of Mandrake Linux is conducted entirely in accordance
to the Open Source spirit. Development of Mandrake Linux products are
based on „Cooker“, which is a publicly available development platform
and community. Cooker provides complete access to:

  1. Source code — through a CVS repository
  2. Direct communication with developers — through numerous mailing-lists
  3. And a ‚Wiki‘ collaborative website

7) The choice of free support…

All Mandrake Linux users have free access to the community-supported support platform.

8) MandrakeSoft listens to you…

MandrakeSoft encourages and welcomes feedback and suggestions from its
base of users, thereby releasing products that better match the users‘

Mandrake Linux
Home of the „Cooker“ community
Mandrake Linux’s Wiki for Cooker