The Albatron PX915PL — good reason to upgrade

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

February 2005 – Albatron Technology, a leading manufacturer of innovative IT solutions has released the PX915PL Mainboard which features Intel’s latest generation i915PL chipset. With the PX915PL, customers will come to appreciate and embrace the performance features that a new board with the latest chipset technology brings to the market.


Aside from differences in memory configurations, the Intel i915PL chipset comes with all of the performance capabilities of its sibling i915P but with a more attractive price tag. The i915PL supports 2 DIMM sockets (Dual Channel DDR) and a PCI-Express x16 graphics interface that boasts 4 times the bandwidth of AGP 8X graphics.

The PX915PL also provides highly advanced audio facilities. The Audio system includes High Definition 8 channel multimedia sound effects provided by the ICH6 Southbridge. These sophisticated digital effects can enhance even the most standard audio equipment to near studio quality, turning that cold box into a symphony of sound.

With the PX915PL, overclocking options are not only an add-on feature for enthusiasts. With the Dr. Speed overclocking tool, overclocking is now in reach of even the most casual of users. The user friendly GUI with hardware monitor will make the daunting task of overclocking your system like a walk in the park. You don’t have to spend hours pouring over manuals to get the most out of your system.

With the arrival of the PX915PL, it’s perhaps the best time for you to upgrade your system if you’re looking for a significant performance boost at an attractive price. The PX915PL provides excellent quality and also backs up its reliability and durability with a 3-year warranty. You’ll never look back after getting a hold of the one of these.

Warning: Overclocking without the proper precautions can damage your hardware. Any damage resulting from overclocking is not covered by the terms of the warranty. We strongly suggest that you read the user manual carefully before proceeding with overclocking your system.