Futuremark Certifies Handheld 3D Hardware Accelerator Performance

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Saratoga, CA April 12th, 2005 – Futuremark, a leading provider of system performance measurement tools and services, announced today that it certified the first benchmark results for handheld 3D hardware acceleration performance. In Futuremark’s SPMark04 3D game test for handheld devices, Mali 100, a graphics solution from Falanx Microsystems, was certified to yield a performance of 39.9 frames per second at resolution 176 by 220 pixels. In comparison, current smart phones, with no hardware 3D acceleration, yield between 8 and 16 frames per second at resolution 176 by 144 pixels.


Certification reassures results
Futuremark’s cooperative benchmarking business model enables its Benchmark Development Program (BDP) members to license handheld benchmark source codes in order to use them in all phases of product development. However, before non-Futuremark compiled benchmark results can be published, they must be certified by Futuremark to ensure a high level of benchmark results integrity. With certification, one is assured the results are truly comparable and fair. All certified results are freely available on the Futuremark Web site.

Growing presence in handheld market
Futuremark is well known in the handheld and PC industries having had over 30 million copies of its 3DMark® and PCMark® series distributed worldwide. Futuremark’s SPMark(TM)04 benchmark product is a growing presence in today’s handheld market with over 30,000 copies distributed.