Icemat Siberia USB Soundcard

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Sound is something that a lot of people don’t think about when they decide to buy a new stationary or

portable computer. It is easy to use a pair of inexpensive headphones with mediocre sound that don’t provide
you with any kind of listening pleasure whatsoever. Gamers and music enthusiasts know that sound makes a
difference. The experience you get from playing a game with incredible graphics or watching a movie where
the scenes are so well filmed that you feel like you are part of the action can be great, but you can only do
“this” much if the sound performance is not equal to the rest of your equipment. As in school, you only cheat
yourself, by not doing your homework. You’re the one missing out – not the teacher.

We developed the Icemat Siberia USB Soundcard so that you don’t have to compromise with anything. You
can take the great sound experience with you, no matter where you go or what you are listening to. It is also
important to remember that even though the Icemat Siberia USB Soundcard is optimized to work perfectly
with the Icemat Siberia Headset, is also works with all other headsets and will be a great improvement in
sound no matter which headset you use. The Soundcard also offers karaoke possibilities that are easy to use
and are certain to bring hours of fun with your friends and family as all your favourite tracks can be edited as
you wish and the possibilities to sing along are endless.

Whether you are a passionate gamer to whom sound means as much as graphics, or a multimedia enthusiast
who needs different equalizer settings depending on what you are listening to, the Icemat Siberia USB
Soundcard can offer you what you need. If you are bored with the average sound your onboard soundcard
gives you, or if you don’t want to struggle with the installation of an expensive soundcard in your PC, the
Icemat Siberia USB Soundcard is for you – it doesn’t cost much, and offers great performance! The
Soundcard offers 7.1 Surround Sound and it can be installed simply by plugging it into one of the USB slots
on your computer and then installing the software from the enclosed CD-ROM. (In most cases the software
will install itself, after the Icemat Siberia USB Soundcard has been connected to the computer.)

Icemat Siberia USB soundcard
Surround sound, in your headphones! Be sure that you always have the best sound, no matter where you plug in your
headphones. The Icemat Siberia USB Soundcard is a full surround soundcard in a small package.

USB: 2.0
Surround sound: Virtual 7.1
Equalizer: 12 channels
Jack: 2×3,5mm. USB (cable included)
Operating systems: Win XP/Win 2000/Win98/Win ME/Mac OS