Maxtor Brings OneTouch Backup Simplicity to Small Business Market

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

MILPITAS, Calif., May 9 – Extending its leadership in

external storage and backup, Maxtor Corporation (NYSE: MXO) announced today
that it has taken the simplicity of its award-winning Maxtor OneTouch II drive
and created a one-of-a-kind server backup solution for small businesses. The
new Maxtor OneTouch II Small Business Edition drive provides easy
installation, automatic backups, quick restore features, remote notification,
and simple storage management for small business Windows(R) servers. Offered
at 200GB, the drive can easily and cost-effectively backup up to 300GB of
compressed(1) business files, accounting records, emails and more,
automatically every day, without the hassle of swapping out tapes, CDs or

The Maxtor OneTouch II Small Business Edition drive has no complex menus
or commands, and no in-depth technical knowledge is required to set it up.
Just plug it in using the included USB 2.0 cable, install and walk through
Maxtor’s easy setup wizard, and it’s done. The default setting is ready to
back up everything on the server’s local disk drives nightly at 10 pm. If
needed, users can quickly and easily set their own schedule for server
backups. Remote notification is provided by way of simple red light/green
light desktop icons on a networked PC, as well as email notification
communicating the completion of backups.

The Maxtor OneTouch II Small Business Edition drive comes integrated with
an exclusive version of EMC(R) Dantz(R) Retrospect(R) Express HD Server
software with open file backup support, a feature usually available only in
more expensive enterprise backup packages. This feature helps protect database
applications that must run 24×7, or files accidentally left open at the end of
the day. The drive also features Maxtor’s exclusive, user-friendly interface
for easy drive management as well as Maxtor DriveLock(TM) technology to
password protect the contents of the drive in case of loss or unauthorized

„Small business owners know that they should be backing up their data,
just like they know they should be flossing their teeth, but not everyone does
it,“ said Ray Boggs, vice president, Small/Medium Business Research at IDC.
„Only about 40% of small businesses regularly back up and keep it in a safe
location, which speaks to the need of an affordable, easy-to-use solution such
as the new Maxtor small business drive.“

„Most small businesses do not have an IT staff and rely on solutions that
are easy to install and easy to use, so extending our Maxtor OneTouch product
into the small business server market is a natural fit,“ said Stacey Lund,
vice president of marketing for Maxtor’s Branded Products Group. „As the
leader in innovative pushbutton backup and storage, it’s important to provide
our customers with a solution that protects the data they’ve worked so hard to
build. With the Maxtor OneTouch Small Business Edition drive, we’ve created a
best-in-class solution, giving small business owners peace of mind in knowing
that their data is safe.“

Comparing Maxtor’s new server backup solution to tape, third-party vendor
National Technical Systems(2) (NTS),, said, „to put it simply,
the Maxtor OneTouch II Small Business Edition outperformed all competitors
tested in all categories tested.“ According to the company’s report, users can
backup 50GB of server data up to 4.5 times faster than with tape. If a full
restore is needed using the same amount of data, the Maxtor OneTouch II Small
Business Edition drive can complete this task during a lunch hour, while a
tape solution takes an entire day. This additional time could be crippling for
a small business.
Other benefits of the Maxtor OneTouch II Small Business Edition drive include:

  • Improved productivity with automated unattended backups — there is no
    waiting around to swap tapes

  • Lower total cost of ownership, including the time to manage backups and
    media every day

  • Remote notification via simple red light/green light desktop icons on a
    networked PC, as well as email notification to let you know if the backups are
    completed successfully

  • External format enables one or more backup copies to be quickly rotated
    and stored offsite for additional protection

  • Eliminates human errors in tape handling, thereby improving reliability
    in restoring files

  • Self-grooming storage management feature automatically purges duplicate
    or older version files to maintain the capacity level of the drive

  • Elegant and sleek design

The Maxtor OneTouch II Small Business Edition drive comes in 200GB (300GB
compressed) capacity and is priced at $599.95 MSRP. Major retailers,
distributors and online stores, as well as, will begin
carrying the drive in mid-May.