Innovation Alert! Albatron’s „ATOP“ breathes new life into AGP-8x VGA cards

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Albatron Technology, a leading IT solutions provider, recently announced the world’s first AGP-8x to PCI-Express bridge card. The „ATOP“(AGP-To-PCIe) bridge card will allow a user to use their existing AGP-8x VGA card in a mainboard designed for PCI-Express resulting in considerable savings in upgrade expenditures.


Because the AGP 8x standard has been around for a while and continues to provide more than adequate graphics performance, there still exists a large base of users with very capable AGP 8x VGA cards. Until now consumers have been hesitant to upgrade to a mainboard with the PCI-Express standard because it would also mean having to purchase a new PCIe VGA card. With the ATOP card you can now upgrade to a PCI-Express mainboard, continue to use your existing AGP-8x card and worry about purchasing a new PCI-Express VGA card at a later time.

Your AGP-8x card simply piggybacks on the ATOP card’s AGP-8x slot located on the top edge. The ATOP card is then plugged into the mainboard’s PCI-Express slot. The only other installation requirements are replacing the bracket on the AGP-8x card with an ATOP bracket and installing the appropriate driver.

The ATOP bridge is the perfect solution for cost conscious users caught in the middle of the PCI-Express, AGP-8x transition. With the ATOP, you can have the best of both worlds in addition to reducing expenditures and extending the life of your original investments.