Attachable Microphone to the Icemat Siberia Headset

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Copenhagen 14th of July 2005 – Late 2004, Soft Trading launched the ICEMAT Siberia headset, which have been a success for

ICEMAT due to the acceptance by many people. However some people are still asking for the
traditional attached microphone – ( the pilot way ). We have acknowledged this demand, and it is
with great pleasure that we announce the release of an add-on microphone to our ICEMAT Siberia
headset. It is possible to attach and detach the microphone on the side of the headset. This way you
still have the option to use the headset as a multi-purpose headphone without the microphone. The
special features, does not end here. The microphone will be released together with a table-stand, in
order to use the microphone as a stand-alone microphone. We have ensured that the new
unidirectional microphone will prevent unwanted noise from surrounding sources. The idea with an
update of the microphone is to fully benefit the particular users and gain the satisfaction of the
gaming people, who gave us valuable feedback on the original microphone, which could be
attached to your monitor, cord or collar.

The new microphone can be expected to be on the market in November 2005.