Info-Tek GECUBE RADEON X800GT Series to be Unveiled at Sydney ATI Technologies Day

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei – August 26, 2005 – Info-Tek Corporation, production supplier for the leading global graphics card brand GECUBETM, announced today that it will participate in the ATI Technologies Day on August 26 in Sydney, Australia. During this two-day event, the entire series of GECUBE RADEON X800GT graphics cards will be on display. GECUBE RADEON X800GT products consistently outperform the competition. Also on display will be the GECUBE CrossFire deluxe, which provides the most comprehensive high-end graphics card solution for extreme gamers and other advanced PC users around the world.


The GECUBE RADEON X800GT series is available in three different specifications: DDR, DDR2 and GDDR3. The RADEON X800GT provides outstanding performance, and their extraordinary graphic engine and Info-Tek’s proprietary Uni-Wise silent fan system provide consumers with more flexibility and more options to gives users high definition gaming power and hardware accelerated video functionality. The exhibition will also include complete gaming platforms so that visitors can experience the high-speed digital 3D technology first-hand.

CrossFire Series
Another highlight of the exhibition will be the GECUBE CrossFire platform based on the GECUBE RADEON X850XT graphics processor. The RADEON X850XT comes with 256MB/ GDDR3 memory and full support for DirectX9.0C and OpenGL. With the assistance of Multi-VPU technology, consumers can fully experience the increased performance in high-resolution game environments. This platform was specially designed for the enthusiast gamer.

AGP/PCI Express Graphics Products
Other GECUBE products on display will include the GECUBE RADEON X850 series, GECUBE RADEON X800 series, GECUBE RADEON X700 series and GECUBE RADEON X500 series. The DDR2 memory specification products will outperform every competitive product in its price range, so that consumers can experience the power of high-end graphics at a reasonable price.

Larry Yeo, General Manager of Info-Tek’s Multimedia Business Unit said, „Info-Tek has always considered the consumer as its starting point and satisfying consumer requirements as its goal. GECUBE graphics cards will continue to strive for excellence, extreme performance and outstanding quality to provide consumers with an even more exceptional choice.“