Super Talent Announces Ultra-Performance 2GB DDR Kits

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

San Jose, California – January 25, 2006 – Super Talent Technology today announced two new ultra high performance DDR memory kits. Both kits consist of a pair of 1GB DDR memory modules.


X40PB2GC3 is a kit of two 1GB PC4000 CAS-3 modules. This kit supports ultra fast 500MHz clock speeds at standard latencies.

X32PB2GC2 is a kit of two 1GB PC3200 CAS-2 modules. This kit is ideal for users demanding reduced latencies at standard clock speeds.

These products were developed specifically for gamers and enthusiasts who need top notch performance with no compromises in reliability. Both kits have been tested extensively in Super Talent’s engineering labs on multiple enthusiast motherboards to ensure compatibility and reliability. Every module built is subjected to a full battery of production testing at its rated specifications before it gets the Super Talent label.

Both these new memory kits are clad in thermally bonded aluminum heat spreaders to deliver optimum thermal performance. Keeping critical components cool not only enhances performance, it also extends the life of the components. Super Talent backs all their DRAM modules with a lifetime warranty.

According to Super Talent Marketing Manager, David Crume, „Super Talent has established a solid reputation for building quality desktop memory. With these products, we’ve leveraged our engineering and manufacturing strengths to make a competitive entry into the performance memory market.“

Both products are available today from resellers worldwide.