Albatron 7300GT – Run silent, run fast with ingenious passive cooling design

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Albatron Technology, PC circuit board manufacturer, has announced a surprisingly powerful 7300GT VGA card with a revolutionary passive heat dissipation device. This card also uses the latest generation PCI Express standards, employs NVIDIA®’s renowned SLI technology and supports all of the current mainboard designs on the market for this type of card.


With the 7300GT, Albatron set out to tackle increasing heat and noise issues that have followed technical advancements in component performance. Basically, high performance leads to rising temperatures which require larger, powerful fans which use electricity and generate fan noise. Albatron had to ask, „Why do you absolutely have to have active cooling (heat sink and fan) to tackle high intensity graphics?“. So from an economic and environmental perspective Albatron designed the 7300GT with a heat pipe that dissipates heat to an array of thin metal fins which hang off the end of the card. The fins then use the wind circulation from embedded case fans to dissipate the heat. Early media reviews have the Albatron 7300GT dropping the GPU temperature by 6 degrees Celsius compared to another competitor 7300GT card with a passive cooling device.

The engine core clock on the 7300GT reaches a speedy 400 MHz. It also supports Scalar 8 pipeline design which greatly improves engine core efficiency. As for memory, the GeForce 7300GT carries 256 MB of DDR2 memory with a memory clock that can reach an astonishing 700 MHz. Together with a 128-bit memory bus, this high performance and high capacity memory lets even the most demanding gamers enjoy great quality 3D game play.

The 7300GT also features a new and more powerful edition of NVIDIA’s PureVideoTM technology which allows the 7300GT to support 1080P HD (High Definition) video output. Another supported feature is the new H.264 standards for video and music. This new standard boasts extremely high quality video but has been criticized for taking up system resources (CPU). However, with PureVideo, the CPU is vigorously protected, reducing the load on the CPU by more than half compared to predecessor cards. With PureVideo, you are putting in high quality CE video player functionality right into your system but for only a fraction of the price.

With the Albatron 7300GT, we have never seen such a jump in performance compared to a previous generation card of the same class. The 7300GT is the perfect mix of performance, value, efficiency and quiet and is sure to become the talk of the town.