Introducing the VertiCool III

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

To respond to the popular demand for Vertical and Tower CPU fans, Spire is proud to release their newest solution! Introducing the new style of cooling, the universal socket AMD/Intel CPU cooler SP604B3 “VertiCool III”.


The VertiCool III inherited the unique features from its counterpart, VertiCool II and much more! Features include: thermally improved heat-pipes that allow faster heat distributing, a 90mm center-position fans providing more air flow in and out of the heat sink and of course it is fully compatible with both Intel and AMD series CPU!

Main Features:

  • Copper plate / Base
  • Ball bearing 90mm fan
  • 4 thermally improved copper heat-pipes
  • Universal clip for 775 and K8 sockets
  • Rubber-Screw Fan vibration absorption:
    4 rubber screws to hold and absorb any fan vibration

  • Large tower Heat sink