GeCube Announces Sponsorship of the World Cyber Games 2006

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, October, 2006 – Info-Tek Corp. the manufacturer of the internationally

renowned graphics card brand GeCube announces that its X1650 Pro has been selected by
the World Cyber Games (WCG) to be the official graphics card in Italy and Romania, a global
game culture festival and competition attracting millions of gamers throughout the world. As
the unparalleled sponsor and official graphics provider of the WCG, the Company will equip
the PCs used by more than 700 competitors representing more than 70 countries at the
upcoming Grand Finals event, where competitive gaming will take center stage. Taking place
October 12-18, the WCG will be open to the public and will be located at the Autodromo
Nazionale of Monza, in Italy.

GeCube will also participate in WCG exhibition area where it will showcase some of the hottest
new and upcoming PC games running on the GeCube’s X1650 Pro graphics processing. The
main sponsor product of GeCube RADEON RX1650PRO adopted the newest ATI graphic
core processor this summer with 256MB high speed memory and the option of GDDR3 and
DDR2. They also support Shader Model 3.0 and the most updated structure design. In addition,
they also process the best frame rates in the industry with a 12 pixel pipelines delivery duct
structure that provide the fastest image processing speed. For HDTV digital output support,
Dual DVI (2 Dual Link) make these products far more efficient than products at the same level.
They also support Windows VistaTM so you can effortlessly upgrade your system.GECUBETM
RX1650PRO series support the CrossFire platform. That high efficiency structure is capable of
offering AFR, Supertiling, Scissor and the supreme output quality of SuperAA Rendering
model. The DPI is as high as 2048×1536@70+. At the same time, 12xMulti Sampling AA can
be switched on with original duo graphic card mode and 2x Super Sampling AA mode can also
be switched to reach the limit of 14xAA. The display quality can be further increased and the
images made more realistic without any decrease in system efficiency. The images are more
realistic and let game players enjoy not only high quality images and sound, but also the best
game vision and the ability to win before the other players can act.

“GeCube is proud to be a returning sponsor of the WCG,” said Larry Yang, president of
corporate at GeCube. “This event is a unique opportunity for consumers and game fans alike
to experience the enthusiasm gaming generates across the globe.”

GeCube is recognized throughout the world for excellence and uncompromising performance
and we are thrilled with the enthusiasm and support they have brought to the global organizer
of the WCG Italy and WCG Romania.