Corsair Sets a New Standard in Performance Memory, Unleashes the TWIN2X2048-9136C5D DOMINATOR 2GB Kits

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Fremont, CA (November 8, 2006) – Corsair®, a worldwide leader in high performance enthusiast computer products, today launched the world’s fastest DDR2 memory, the TWIN2X2048-9136C5D DOMINATOR™. Designed for the new NVIDIA® nForce™ 680i SLI™ media and communications (MCP)-based motherboards, the new DOMINATOR extends Corsair’s leadership in ultra high performance memory.


Corsair Raises the Performance Bar
The TWIN2X2048-9136C5D DOMINATOR is designed to unleash performance of the new NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI-based platform. Built using RAMs that pass Corsair’s aggressive speed screening process, the new DDR2-9136 DOMINATOR is the world’s only production-ready memory rated at 1142MHz. In performance benchmark testing at third-party review sites, many of these modules have been reported delivering up to 1200MHz of performance when overclocked. The new TWIN2X2048-9136C5D feature Enhanced Performance Profiles (EPP) technology, allowing PC enthusiasts simplified overclocking success and access to more advanced memory specifications. The TWIN2X2048-9136C5D DOMINATOR is certified by NVIDIA as SLI-Ready Memory, joining the NVIDIA SLI technology ecosystem to provide a building foundation for an ultimate performance PC.

“Corsair continues to deliver the fastest memory optimized for today’s and tomorrow’s platforms. Our close relationship with NVIDIA allows us to stay ahead of the competition with new speed grades. By combining the new 1142MHz memory modules from Corsair and the new NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI MCP-based motherboard, we have a winning combination of hardware that elevates the end users’ overall PC experience.” said John Beekley, VP of Applications Engineering. “We are proud to deliver yet again another industry leading memory solution for performance users.”

DHX Technology Makes 1142MHz a Production Reality
Corsair’s new DOMINATOR line of memory modules features innovative quad-layer heat sink design and Corsair’s patent-pending Dual-path Heat Xchange (DHX™) technology. DHX technology is the world’s most advanced memory module thermal dissipation technology where heat is dissipated through two paths – the leads of the BGA chips into the printed circuit board (PCB) and the back of the BGA packages into the high-performance extruded aluminum heat sinks. Thanks to the advanced thermal design of the DOMINATOR, memory modules rated at scorching-fast 1142MHz operate with rock solid stability without the need of elevated voltage. The result of the combination of DHX technology and the high rated speed means PC enthusiasts can enjoy added performance edge at both stock speed and when overclocked.

  • In addition to the DHX technology, these modules can be further cooled using Corsair’s newly launched DOMINATOR Airflow Fans. These fans offer direct airflow to the DOMINATOR modules for increased thermal dissipation and active heat transfer away from the module.

    “Corsair memory continues to be some of the fastest memory we test in our lab, and we are delighted to work with them again to make DDR2-1200 support a reality today. Both Corsair DOMINATOR memory and the new NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI MCP deliver best in class performance, making them the ideal building foundation for a dream machine,” said Drew Henry, general manager of the MCP business at NVIDIA. “We congratulate Corsair for another frequency breakthrough!”

    TWIN2X2048-9136C5D DOMINATOR Features:

    • Tested as matched pairs at guaranteed speed of 1142 MHz
    • Latency Timings: 5-5-5-15
    • Memory voltage: 2.1V
    • Optional Corsair Airflow fan assembly for optimal cooling
    • Available in 2GB kits

    The TWIN2X2048-9136C5D DOMINATOR 2GB kits will be available soon through Corsair’s worldwide authorized distributors, retailers, resellers and e-tailers. For more information on the product and the new DOMINATOR series, go to For more information on EPP, go to All Corsair memory products are backed by a lifetime warranty and complete customer support via telephone, email, forum and TechSupport Xpress troubleshooting guide.