ZAWARD launches Advanced High efficiency Sylphee CPU Cooler

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Dec 8, 2006 – Zaward Corporation, a professional thermal provider aims to create best product to user’s demand. Today it launches its new cutting edge design, revolutionary ultra silent dual embedded fan (only 18Dba) CPU cooler “Sylphee” satisfy the needs for gamer and PC users.


Sylphee is built for high performance and ultra silent. Applicable with the latest CPUs of AM2, K8 and Intel Core 2 duo, Pentium 4 and . Aluminum fin makes cooler light-weighted and delicate and avoid fear of bending the motherboard; Copper base absorbs heats immediately from CPU and transfers to its high efficient copper heatpipes to dissipate heats. Revolutionary dual embedded fans design intake air from two sides and the airflow blows heats away to multi-directions, not only cools down CPU itself but also peripheral components. Fan speed is adjusted automatically when CPU temperature goes up with its auto fan speed controller by thermistors. Easy installation with support of 9 languages user’s manual and accessories contains chipset of Core2dual /AM2/K8 and thermal grease is extremely convenient for users.

Product Features

  • Copper base/ Aluminum Fin
  • Dual embedded silent fans only 18dBA, intakes air from two sides
  • Auto Fan speed controller by Thermistors.
  • Air flow blows to multi-directions, cools whole computer system.
  • Support Intel’s Core 2 Duo, Pentium 4, AMD’s AM2 and K8 socket.
  • RoHS conformed