LifeView to showcase next-gen USB TV tuners, triple reception TV cards, and SkyChat VoIP box at 2007 CeBIT show

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan – Mar. 6 2007 – Animation Technologies Inc. (8060,Taiwan), a pioneer in developing industry-first video multimedia solutions sold under the LifeView brand, will showcase their latest multimedia products at this year’s CeBIT show in Hanover, Germany from March 15 – 21. They will be premiering their next generation USB TV tuner sticks, and their Trio series TV cards, which can receive digital satellite, digital terrestrial and analog TV programs. They will also be showing their SkyChat VoIP box, which enables any home phone to make internet calls over Skype™.


TV Walker Cruise 2

Next generation USB TV tuners – LifeView’s next generation USB TV tuners are built with the latest chipsets to provide enhanced performance. This advanced chipset enables these TV tuners to achieve remarkably low power consumption levels. This allows our USB TV tuners to stay cool and save energy, which in turn helps preserve notebook users’ battery life. This allows them to watch TV when mobile for longer periods of time. All users will appreciate the benefits of enhanced reception sensitivity, which helps TV viewers enjoy TV in less than perfect reception environments.


LifeView Trio Series – LifeView’s Trio series gives users a 3-in-1 universal TV solution that can tune in to all available TV programs in their area. By providing digital satellite(DVB-S), digital terrestrial(DVB-T) and analog TV reception in a single card, LifeView’s Trio solutions provide customers with an unprecedented level of TV viewing freedom. Users can watch all their favorite shows on analog TV, high definition programs on digital terrestrial TV, or TV shows from around the world on digital satellite TV! LifeView’s Trio solutions also include FM radio reception and S-Video/composite video inputs for connection to external video sources such as a camcorder or game console. LifeView’s FlyTV Express X1 MST-STA2 PCIe card even allows users to watch all three TV standards simultaneously with enhanced PIP functionality, even for HDTV programs. We also have PCI and CardBus models, and all of our Trio models are Vista™ Premium Certified, ensuring that all PC users can take advantage of our universal TV solutions.

SkyChat VoIP Gateway

SkyChat VoIP Gateway – LifeView’s SkyChat is a little black box that turns any regular home phone into a dual-mode phone capable of making and receiving both normal phone calls and internet calls over Skype™. Any home phone can be used, wired or wireless, and Skype contacts and SkypeOut numbers can be dialed directly from the handset. The SkyChat goes beyond other VoIP solutions by providing enhanced functionality by providing mobility features such call forwarding and toll bypass calling. Call forwarding forwards normal phone calls to a Skype contact, or Skype calls to a regular phone number for keeping in touch even when away from home. Toll bypass calling allows users to make free or discounted long distance and international calls over the internet from their mobile phone by simply calling home. LifeView’s SkyChat also functions as an answering machine for both regular and Skype calls, and can be accessed and managed remotely. SkyChat offers even more features, such as 3-way conferencing, caller ID, echo cancelling, multiple language support and more.

LifeView will be presenting these products as well as the rest of their new product lines at the CeBIT show in Hall 21, Booth No. C22 (1).