Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring: Here Comes The Spring

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Paris, March 22rd 2007 – Mandriva, the global Linux distributor, is

pleased to announce the upcoming release of its new distribution:
Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring.

Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring will provide up-to-date and freshly
released open source software.

What is the key innovation of Spring? The breakthrough technology
presented last January during the Solutions Linux event in Paris:
Metisse, an innovative window management technology. Unlike the widely
known 3D-accelerated desktops with the „cube“ effect and other visual
enhancements, Metisse offers an innovative way to manage windows: only
the windows move, making the possible variations endless! Metisse is not
a 3D-accelerated desktop but a Human-Computer Interface (HCI) technology
that revolutionizes the user experience.

Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring also provides the newest versions of the
Compiz and Beryl 3D-accelerated desktops.

Together, Metisse, Compiz and Beryl – with the convenient Mandriva
configuration tool – make Mandriva Linux the most up-to-date
distribution as far as the graphical environment is
concerned. Mandriva’s integration work renders Metisse available for
all, for an enhanced user experience. Metisse is not a 3D-accelerated
desktop but a Human-Computer Interface (HCI) technology that
revolutionizes the user experience.

Watch the videos made by Mandriva and discover the amazing features of

Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring will be available in five editions: Free
(the purely free Mandriva Linux), One (the live/install CD), Discovery
(for Linux beginners), Powerpack (for advanced users) and Powerpack+
(for small businesses).

Mandriva Linux Discovery is the distribution designed for beginners.
Everything in it is designed to make Linux simple: easy and quick
installation, auto-configuration and extended compatibility. Discovery
provides users with all they need for office work, Internet and
multimedia tasks. It’s easy and reliable – join in!

Mandriva Linux Powerpack includes more advanced features such as the
possibility to implement virtualization and manage networks quickly
and easily. It offers many choices in software for GNOME and KDE
desktops, advanced configuration tools, environment customization,
development and editing tools, and also outstanding studio
applications to create digital music, games or even movies! Make the

Mandriva Linux Powerpack+ is dedicated to making life easier for small
business owners. It offers high security, an extensive range of
desktop applications, server and administrative tools, simplified
data-sharing tools, client follow-up tools, collaborative teamwork
tools, simple IT management and more. Dare to change!

Be sure to check out the upcoming release of Mandriva Linux 2007
Spring to discover a new user experience!