SiS to Actively Expand its Business into the Emerging Market with the Best Value PC Solutions

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)


SiS to Actively Expand its Business into the Emerging Market with the Best Value PC Solutions

(Excerpt from press release)

Computex Taipei, June 6th, 2007 – SiS, at Computex 2007, shows it capabilities of expanding its business territory into the emerging market by providing the most valuable solutions to the best value PC suppliers.

With many years experiences of chipset development, SiS is fully aware of what are the most attractive functions of chipsets in different market segments. By providing the features of ultimate low power-consumption combining with the flexibility and stability, the SiS’s best value PC solutions have been well accepted by worldwide leading PC manufacturers. The SiS662/SiS964L chipsets have been adopted by Intel for the Little Valley project. SiS is proud to be the exclusive chipset provider of Intel® D201GLY desktop board, which is the so-called Little Valley. At Computex, the Intel® D201GLY desktop board will be first time introduced to the world.

SiS just announced in May that the collaboration between SiS and Dell in developing the Affordable PC (APC) EC280 for the emerging market, which is equipped the SiSM661GX chipset. The SiSM661GX chipset supports Intel FSB533MHz CPU and DDR 333 memory. It is embedded with the SiS proprietary Ultra-AGPII™ technology to provide strong graphics and the extraordinary image quality. Meanwhile, the SiSM661GX chipset is successfully implemented in the Intel branded APC, which demonstrates the value of the SiSM661GX is unquestionably more than your imagination.

The SiS661CX-based Panel PCs from RISE and iEi, the SiS741CX-based Thin Client from Fujitsu Siemens are all showcased at Computex. As for the embedded board/card solutions, the SiS662-based boards from ECS and Foxconn for Intel platform and the SiS761GX-based ECS board for AMD platform are displayed.

SiS perfectly combines the strengths of its products with the blooming demand for best value PC in the emerging market. By collaborating with the leading PC manufacturers, SiS allows all of the users experience the most stable and the most valuable PCs.