“Air cooling equals Water cooling”, Zaward’s new Air cooling CPU Cooler “VIVO” performs equivalent to Water cooling

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Aug 13, 2007 – Zaward Corporation, a professional thermal provider aims to create best product to user’s demand.


Today it brings a radically invention “VIVO” to contradict the stereotype that Water cooling performs superior than Air cooling solution. VIVO, Zaward’s latest CPU Cooler, is a superb Air cooling solution, featuring intelligent soldering free heatpipe direct touch design, allows immediate heat conductivity from CPU to 3 high transmitted U shape heatpipes connected with high density fins for ultimate heat dissipation. Chic cover design, perfect combination of white cover, Golf fan and black mesh, creating Jil Sander’s understated and sleek design concept in PC industry. Super value saving dual golf fans, gorgeous streamline design, optimized fan speed in 2000rpm, one to blow in, another to suck out, reinforce extreme push to accelerate optimum cooling efficiency under extremely quiet operation! Support universal clips in Intel LGA 775; AMD’s 754/939/940, AM2, easy installation and user’s friendly. Bonus Zaward thermal grease enhances thermal efficiency. VIVO outperforms any Air cooling products and operates equal to Water cooling ones. A second to none CPU cooler and surely the best choice!

Product Features

  1. Intelligent and soldering free heatpipe direct touch base!
  2. 3 high transmitted U Shape heatpipes for repaid heat dissipation.
  3. Chic cover design, outstanding and differentiation from others.
  4. Dual 92mm round Golf fans with optimized fan speed boost powerful cooling performance dramatically, meanwhile, extremely silent!
  5. Conquer any current Air cooling solution and performance equal to Water cooling ones.
  6. Universal clips, Intel LGA 775; AMD’s 754/939/940, AM2. Easy installation and user’s friendly.
  7. Bonus Zaward thermal grease enhances thermal efficiency!