ASUS Public Statement: ASUS condemns the defamatory and false accusations raised by Gigabyte

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan; May 23rd, 2008 – ASUS condemns the defamatory and false accusations raised by Gigabyte.


Gigabyte, without a full understanding of ASUS’ engineering design and methods, has made
false accusations against ASUS motherboards’ EPU features and the quality of ASUS’
motherboard components.

Also, in a press briefing presentation, Gigabyte misused a photograph with blown-up
(exploded) capacitors and led the audience to believe it was an ASUS product to support its
false allegations that ASUS uses questionable quality components. However, the image was
found to be taken from a photograph of a VGA card manufactured by another vendor. The
action of misrepresenting a third party product to be an ASUS product is truly defamatory and
clearly outside the realm of decent competition.

ASUS takes pride in its innovations, which are measured against the highest standards in the
industry at all stages of operation – from project development, engineering, manufacturing to
service. Through a combination of the best quality-controlled components and processes,
ASUS delivers state-of-the art technology breakthroughs to meet customers’ needs. Every
breakthrough is the result of huge R&D engineering efforts.

Hence, while it is common to have competition among companies, the use of the above
mentioned methods are defamatory and condemnable. ASUS deeply resents Gigabyte’s
action(s). Yesterday (May 22nd 2008), ASUS has reported such acts to the Fair Trade
Commission of Taiwan. Today (May 23rd 2008), ASUS has officially filed a lawsuit against
Gigabyte for those defamatory acts.

The EPU features represent an integral part of the world’s first intelligent energy-saving
motherboard which ASUS launched in September 2007. This technology incorporates a
hardware EPU controller and the ASUS AI Gear user interface to provide the maximum
system efficiency. The EPU controller dynamically regulates a wide variety of system
parameters (such as CPU voltage, loadline, and frequencies) in response to real-time system
loading. Furthermore, ASUS utilizes a unique clock controller, loadline monitor and CPU
sensor to automatically determine the optimal system operating mode to achieve the best user
experience in terms of both performance and energy savings.

We at ASUS reiterate our primary mission of continually creating new products and
innovations with the highest standards and absolute integrity. ASUS will be posting the
engineering data regarding the EPU features on the official websites for ASUS motherboard
users‘ information (