Thermaltake SPEDO Chassis – Revolutionizing the Global PC Chassis Market!

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

June,2008 – Computex 2008, Thermaltake as the top choice brand of PC Chassis around the world, will be exhibiting their latest innovation of the new Chassis Superlative — SPEDO! With many new features that are never seen on the market before, SPEDO has been predicted to be the next hit of the global PC Chassis Market.


Thermaltake has implemented two breakthrough designs into the new SPEDO Chassis; “A.T.C.” (Advanced Thermal Chamber) and “CRM” (Cable Routing Management). While “ATC” design provides excellent thermal-management by separating chambers for the CPU, GPUs and PSU, “CRM” offers users a neat and tidy interior with superior cable arrangement. Not to mention the excellent integration of advanced tool-free mechanism for HDD and PCI installation; bottom-placed PSU design and the adjustable fan bar; SPEDO will provide the minimized and the most enjoyable system installation experience! The hot swap design of side fan and the adjustable fan bar allow easier system maintenance, VGA/ CPU thermal management can also be easily solved by simple adjustments of the fan bar to fit with various system requirements.

Other than the structural perfection internally, the meshed exterior design of SPEDO allows the ambient air to enter unrestrictedly into the chassis. Ventilation can even be further upgraded with up to nine system fans. With the C-shaped unique styling, SPEDO will bring you the most pleasure as a true PC enthusiast both from the experiential and functional perspectives.

Thermaltake prides itself on product quality and reliability, and this yeat at Computex, Thermaltake will once again, shock the PC enthusiasts around the world with this new design masterpiece — SPEDO Chassis.