Thermaltake Xpressar RCB400 Series – The bay-drive unit refrigeration system for CPU and VGA

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

In CES 2009, there are many innovation-designed chassis and thermal solution demoed in the booth. One of the most eye-catching product is Xpressar RCB400 Series, the bay-drive unit refrigeration system evolved from Xpressar RCS100.


Xpressar RCB400 Series is a micro-refrigeration system occupied in the computer chassis’s 5.25 drive bay to cool either CPU or VGA by adjusting the soft-tube copperplate. The computer system build with Xpressar RCB400 Series, CPU or VGA’s temperature is able to reach 27~29 degrees in room temperature. With such achievement, the system is running more stable than any other cooling methods.

Xpressar RCB400 Series refrigeration module

Running stable more than 8 hours

After the exposure in CES2009, Xpressar RCB400 Series received many positive feedbacks from medias.

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Video 2