Albatron Brought PCI-E 1X Graphics Board To The Market

Customer-orientation design delivers users various choices for multi-display

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei – March, 12, 2009 – Albatron Technology Co., LTD., a professional motherboard and graphics card manufacturer, involved in Industry Personal Computer (IPC) area these years. By virtue of sources and experience in the consumer market, Albatron developed different products for IPC clients. Today, Albatron unveiled a new product, Albatron GeForce 9500GT PCIE-1X, to deliver multimedia performance to general consumers as well as IPC clients for efficiency increasing.


Albatron GeForce 9500GT PCIE-1X features NVidia GeForce 9500GT Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) and branded DDR3 memories and supports the latest multimedia output, such as 3D, HDTV and DVI. Equipped with Japan-made electrolytic capacitors and two-phase electric power, its efficiency and stability perform well. Heat sink and fan combined together, long-life positive fan is for cooling system so that the board has excellent performance for cooling and longevity. Furthermore, as far as the space of computer cabinet is concerned, Albatron GeForce 9500GT PCIE-1X is adapted in low-profile design. Compared to the standard ATX board, it can save more space and fit in small and mini case.

Through PCI Express 1X Bus, Albatron GeForce 9500GT PCIE-1X can apply on the motherboard with PCI Epress 1X slot as the second display card to support multi-display for professional computer users and IPC industry. It is a wonderful choice for upgrade of the motherboard without PCI-E 16X slot. Built-in second generation Pure Video HD technology can smoothly play the video in 720p and 1080p, so users can have stunning 3D gaming performance by Albatron GeForce 9500GT PCIE-1X.

The design idea of Albatron GeForce 9500GT PCIE-1X is focused on multi-display application to maximum the space and source of monitor display. Due to the bandwidth of PCI-E 1X is 512MB/S (Duplex), users can enjoy Blue-ray video fluently. No mater for multi-monitoring in industry control area or screen extension in flight stimulation, Albatron GeForce 9500GT PCIE-1X can complete assignments successfully. In addition, purchasing a graphics card for servers, the interface of PCI-E 1X can satisfy the discrete graphics needs and provide better image, high-definition and 3D performance.

Albatron spares no effort in global environment, and all materials of products follow the standard of RoHS and PFOS, the latest rule EU announced to reduce the damage toward human and animals. User can be relieved to purchase and use Albatron’s products.

Albatron GeForce 9500GT PCI-E 1X Specification: