Arbiter Studio enters market with Polar 65 Magnetic Gaming Keyboard

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

California, USA, November 14th, 2023 – Arbiter Studio, creator of gaming peripherals packed with innovation and quality, introduces its debut keyboard with the Polar 65. Staying true to its commitment to cutting-edge technology and design, the Polar 65 hits the market as an immediate must-have.


Polar 65 is the first compact magnetic gaming keyboard with a 65% layout packed into a CNC aluminium frame. With a hefty weight of 990g, the Polar 65 is built to be the reliable and durable centerpiece of your desktop setup.

Within this centerpiece features the latest in gaming keyboard technology with Hall Effect Magnetic Switches. The Fuji Magnetic Switches are powered by Hall Effect sensors. This innovative combination grants users effortless control over key actuation within a remarkable 0.1mm to 3.8mm range with rapid trigger capabilities. Rapid Trigger instantly activates keys upon press and deactivates upon release, cutting out any physical switch delay, an essential for FPS type gamers seeking lightning-fast key response. And to elevate FPS gaming experience further, these linear switches arrive expertly pre-lubricated, ensuring an unprecedented level of smoothness in every keystroke.

Featuring a plethora of custom keyboard tuning, Polar 65 exudes quality throughout. Screw-in and pre-lubed stabilizers eliminate rattle, two layers of silicone sound dampening remove pesky audible pings, and the nano-coated Hall Sensor PCB takes care of unplanned and unwanted water spills and dust. The typing sensation and acoustics offer an experience that competes remarkably with other custom keyboards available in the market.

Thicker Dual-Shot PBT keycaps with KOP profile are included as standard, offering users an improved typing experience with its larger contact surface area. Ultra-bright RGB lighting boasting 16 dynamic modes serves as the colorful highlight, adding an extra touch of brilliance.

“Our mission is to infuse the latest technology into a custom keyboard,” says Branden Sorrentino, Marketing Manager of Arbiter Studio. “Polar 65 is packed with all the premium features of what the custom keyboard market demands and the tech we want to see in a gaming keyboard – the latest magnetic switch technology with unparalleled control over key activation”.

Polar 65 Barebones is the same high-quality and innovative keyboard, just without the keycaps. This version is for those who already have their own cherished keycaps, yet still want to avail of the latest in gaming keyboard technology.

The Polar 65 Magnetic Gaming Keyboard is stocked and available in a variety of keycap colorways.

Polar 65 – US$150
Polar 65 Barebones – US$125

The new Polar 65 Magnetic Gaming is now available for shipping worldwide through the Arbiter Studio Shop.