IKONIK ‘Kick Start’ Competition WINNERS!!

Who won the trip to the beautiful island of Taiwan?

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

6 May 2009 – From October 1st until January 2009 IKONIK initiated the ‘Kick Start’ competition. IKONIK organized this competition to make a great start as a new and ambitious company focused on high-end cases and power supplies.


To celebrate the creation and successful start of the IKONIK brand, IKONIK made sure there were many cool prizes to win, such as the IKONIK Ra X10 SIM case or the Vulcan power supply. And for those who had purchased an IKONIK case and/or power supply, it was even possible to win a trip to the beautiful island of Taiwan. Who doesn’t want to visit the ‘Taipei 101’ – the tallest building in the world and walk around in the famous night markets of busy Taipei lifestyle?

Considering the many participants of the Kick Start competition, far above expectations, it is obvious that many end-users are very interested in visiting the beautiful island. But eventually there could only be one winner of the much awaited trip to Taiwan.

Chosen randomly, the winner of the first prize is already notified by IKONIK and will have one year to validate his prize and make the trip to Taiwan. The prizewinner is an enthusiastic gamer from Middle East who considers himself one of the top in his field. Already very happy with the IKONIK product he bought before participating in the Kick Start competition, he considers himself very lucky to have won this first price. He is especially looking forward to bring a visit to IKONIK’s headquarters.

But he is not the only winner of course. Because with the Kick Start competition there were hundred other prizes to win.

1st prize : trip to the beautiful Island of Taiwan;
2nd and 3rd prize : IKONIK high-end Ra X10 SIM PC-case;
4th and 5th prize : IKONIK’s upper-mainstream Zaria PC-case (also known as the ‘Kick Start’);
6th and 7th prize : IKONIK’s high-end Vulcan MT 850 watt power supply;
8th – 10th prize : IKONIK mainstream Gaia 500 watt power supply;
11th – 50th prize : IKONIK fashionable polo-shirt;
51st – 100th prize : IKONIK sportive wristband.

The winners were picked randomly from the entries by a computer program. If you were one of the people that took the time and effort to enter the Kick Start competition then please check your email again. IKONIK has sent all winners an e-mail or contacted them via telephone by now.

And, if you missed out on this contest, don’t worry. Please keep an eye on the IKONIK website (www.ikonik.com) for all upcoming events. IKONIK was so pleased with the response of the Kick Start competition that it is already cooking up a new competition in order to give end users another opportunity to win free products.