SPARKLE Proudly Announced Calibre CUTi

The Supermicro Computer For Multi-Functional Application

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan – January 18, 2010 – SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd., the professional VGA card manufacturer and

supplier, today proudly announced the Calibre CUTi, a revolutionary small form factor PC providing high definition
1080p playback and digital surround sound for a variety of multimedia formats displayed right on a user’s HDTV. Calibre
CUTi push the envelope on thin and light design as one of the world’s thinnest PC while extending the entertainment
experience with support for HD video. In addition, the Calibre CUTi has excellent energy-saving features, idle power
consumption is only 14 watts, lesser than an energy-saving lamp power consumption.

The world of desktops has now also taken a step up with the introduction of the Calibre CUTi. It’s a computer of
reduced dimensions and at a lower cost than traditional PCs which are ideal for satisfying all basic requirements of
surfing the Internet, downloading and watching rich content, playing videos and games , running typical office programs
or communicating with VOIP using the optional webcam. The Calibre CUTi is introduced to meet the pursuit for micro-
volume, low-cost energy-saving computers from consumer. This revolutionary PC product provides an impressive all-
round performance to users around the world.

Full HD Super Entertainment Center
The Calibre CUTi can be a real family entertainment center.
Connected to large-screen flat-panel television, the Calibre CUTi
can not only smoothly playback high-definition video using
hardware acceleration based on built-in PhysX, CUDA
technology, but also let users listening to music, viewing pictures,
playing DX10 games, surfing on the Internet, participating in online education.The graphics performance of built-in highly integrated 9400 graphics chip is 10 times
powerful than the graphics performance of other small desktop. The Calibre CUTi can bring surprising gaming
experience and high-definition video experience, so it is an indispensable component of modern family.

Portable Business Partner
While maintaining the thin fashion style, the Calibre
CUTi provides full-featured applications. The Calibre
CUTi offers a broad range of audio and video output
interface to meet the connection requirements of
various types of devices. With the compact design,
the Calibre CUTi ’s working noise is only 26 dB so
that it could run virtually anywhere in the home/office
environment. With the book-oriented body, the
Calibre CUTi releases the desktop space, so that the
business office is more casual and elegant.
The Calibre CUTi is deigned to impress consumers. It provide seamless balance of style and multi-functions. From the
slim out frame to the innovative Ion platform technology, the Calibre CUTi changes the way people look at the desktop

Powerful Performance
The Calibre CUTi packs the Intel Atom Dual-Core 1.6GHz
processor and the NVIDIA Ion platform to offer low power
consumption and a graphics capability on a par with your average
multimedia PC. The built-in ION 9400 GPU is completely capable
of handling 1080p (and thus, Blu-ray) content, DirectX 10 and
even mildly demanding games such as Call of Duty 4 and Spore.

Elegant and Romantic Design
Inheriting the elegant and high-quality blood of
Calibre , characterized by slim design and reduced
dimensions (only 0.6 liter,1/5 the size of the smallest
desktop computer), the Calibre CUTi has a special
mounting system, so that it could stand on any work
surface vertically, or hung on the back of HDTV /
LCD monitor to provide users with full all-in-one
function, saving work and entertainment space. Like
this,the Calibre CUTi can find enough space for any
room, from the office to the kitchen to the bedroom
or the lounge, without any problem.

Quiet Operation With Only 26dB
With the low power Intel Atom Dual-Core processor, NVIDIA ION
platform and the unique Calibre quiet technology, the full loading
working noise of the Calibre CUTi is only 26 dB, the idle standby
noise is incredible down to 3 dB. Now users can be completely
away from the noise pollution and embrace a quiet space, doing
office works as whishes.

Pint-sized Powerhouse — 90% off the Desktop
Power Consumption

With the Calibre CUTi, now consumers can do green and quiet
computing, It introduces a well-featured hardware design with eco-
friendly components for ensuring lower voltage computing. The
idle power consumption of the the Calibre CUTi is only 14W, less
than an energy-saving light bulb. The maximum power
consumption is only 30W, compared with traditional PC, it saves
nearly 90% power !Based on the emission of 0.99KG of carbon
dioxide per kilowatt in Chinese power plant, one year’s use of
CUTi will reduce nearly 0.8 tons of greenhouse gas emissions for
the earth.

Wealthy I/O Interfaces
The Calibre CUTi supports multiple interfaces and
connections, so it can easily connect to various
devices. Its HDMI and S/PDIF output ports ensure
the full HD 1080p home entertainment with 7.1-
channel surround sound. With built-in 802.11n
wireless LAN and Ethernet interface, the Calibre
CUTi allows you to connect to a home network. The
additional I/O ports of the Calibre CUTi include: mini-
audio jack, coaxial & optical fiber output, 5in1 card
reader, Bluetooth(Optional), DVI-I, headphones,
Microphone and 6 USB ports.

Massive Storage Capacity
The Calibre CUTi comes with built-in 160G/320G SATA hard drive (Maximum Support 500GB), and supports for SSD
solid-state hard drive. the Calibre CUTi supports up to 4GB DDR2 memory that allows quick performance without
problems in all the most widely-used range of applications. An 5 in1 card reader offers the convenient way to transfer
continuously growing multimedia files from portable devices to the Calibre CUTi.
*The Calibre CUTi is available in a variety of configurations. Made in the SPARKLE own factories, SPARKLE also
provides customized configuration service, making the Calibre CUTi more flexible to customers.
„The Calibre CUTi is a compact, stylish, quiet, green and fully capable PC that uses less energy and provides a brilliant
visual experience for daily office works, home digital life, games and even high definition video.” Said Joe Lo, Product
Manager of SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd. „The Calibre CUTi is small and quiet enough to go anywhere, yet powerful
enough to handle all the needs of your digital lifestyle, no matter doing office works, watching HD videos, editing photos,
surfing the web and playing the latest online games!“