Samsung Producing Industry’s First Higher-performing 20nm-class NAND Flash Memory

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

SEOUL, Korea, April 19, 2010 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world

leader in advanced semiconductor technology solutions, today announced the
industry’s first production of 20 nanometer (nm) class NAND chips for use
in Secure Digital (SD) memory cards and embedded memory solutions. Based on
this cutting-edge technology, the introduction of 32 gigabit (Gb) MLC NAND
will expand the company’s memory card solutions for smart phones, high-end
IT applications and high-performance memory cards.

Mr. Soo-In Cho, president, Memory Division, Samsung Electronics, said „In
just one year after initiating 30nm-class NAND production, Samsung has made
available the next generation node 20nm-class NAND, which exceeds most
customers requirements for high-performance, high-density NAND-based
solutions.“ He added, „The new 20nm-class NAND is not only a significant
step forward in process design, but we have incorporated advanced
technologies into it to enable substantial performance innovation.“

Samsung’s 20nm-class MLC NAND has a 50 percent higher productivity level
than 30nm-class MLC NAND. The write performance of a 20nm-class-based,
eight gigabyte (GB) and higher density, SD card is 30 percent faster than
the 30nm-class NAND and it delivers a speed-class rating of 10 (read speed
of 20MB/s, write speed of 10MB/s). By applying cutting-edge process, design
and controller technology, Samsung also has secured reliability levels
comparable to 30nm-class NAND.

Samsung Electronics first began producing 32Gb NAND with 30nm-class process
technology in March 2009. Now it is shipping SD card samples to customers
that are built with 20nm-class 32Gb NAND and will expand production later
this year.

Memory cards based in the 20nm-class will be available from 4GB through
64GB densities

Samsung’s timely introduction of its high-performance premium NAND will
better support the growing memory requirements of high-density smartphones,
high-end IT applications and high-performance memory cards.