Gainward Optimized Own Design – GeForce GTX 470 GOOD Edition

Gainward GeForce GTX 470 GOOD Edition with “QuattroPorts”

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, April 28th, 2010 – A “GOOD” news announced by Gainward, a leading

brand in enthusiastic graphics cards, keeps its glorious
traditions, redefines performance by release of Gainward
Optimized Own Design (GOOD). Gainward races against
competitions and develops the market first own designed
GeForce GTX 470 “GOOD” Edition with “Gamer’s Spirit”
in mind. The card received optimized circuit layout on a longer PCB (10.5 inches to NVIDIA reference 9.5
inches), which enables better overclockability owing to plentiful PWM power modules with rugged solid-state
components on better ground, also allows to
accommodate larger heat-pipes cooler with dual
8 cm double bearing fans, which improved
thermal characteristics and significantly reduced
noise at full load. Even better, the card is geared
with “QuattroPorts” integrated 4 ports in 1
including DisplayPort, HDMI 1.3a (upgradeable
to HDMI 1.4 support for 3D format with upcoming
NVIDIA 3DTV Play) & Dual DVIs, fulfill universal
connectivity for diverse displays.

Gainward GeForce GTX 470 GOOD Edition features 1280MB
GDDR5 memory clocked at 1674MHz (DDR 3348), core clock is
set at standard 607MHz. Although clockrate is rather modest by
default, better cooling and optimized circuit have left lots of
headroom for overclocking by Gainward award winning graphics
tuning utility – Expertool, which activates clockrate settings and fan
control with user-friendly interface and
fail-safe clock-down override. Even the
first-timers can exercise overclocking
with peace of mind.

Gainward GeForce GTX 470 GOOD Edition supports all NVIDIA state-of-the-art graphics technologies,
designs in complete adoption of all Microsoft DirectX 11 hardware features from ground up, delivers
stunning realism with tessellation and ray-tracing, fully utilized its parallel computing power of 448 CUDA
cores distributed in 14 tessellation units, implemented 32x anti-aliasing mode for the highest level of image
quality and real time PhysX. What any hardcore gamers cannot live without it is 3D Vision Surround in SLI
configuration. Words are not enough. Immerse yourself in front of three full HD monitors. You will enjoy
shooting enemies, at the same time, busying dodging from debris throwing at you. See it, Play it, Love it!

Gainward Signature Designs
Gainward dedicates in graphics industry and stands strong for more than 2 decades counts on innovative
R&D and highest quality control standards down to components level. Gainward won gamers’ thumb-up with
signature designs listed below,

Gainward Grand-Prix Heatpipes Hybrid Cooler with 2GR8 Fans, 2 COOL! 3 Way SLI fully supported!
Gainward Grand-Prix Heat-Pipes Hybrid Cooler, was designed in 6 mm
copper-water heat-pipes on a copper base conducting heats away from GPU
at highest efficiency, then dissipating onto aluminum heatsinks, which are
forced ventilated with Great 8 cm double-ball-bearings Twin Fans (2GR8)
Achieve highest efficiency cooling performance up to 10°C lower at power
saving mode, 8°C lower at full load with respect to reference GTX 470, run at
8dB quieter, mere one sixth (1/6) of loudness than reference GTX 470 at full
load (measuring distance at 30 cm, ambient noise at 33dB). Gainward award
winning Grand-Prix cooler, 2GR8, 2COOL! Another important feature’s worth
mentioning is Gainward GeForce GTX 470 GOOD edition is a strict 2-slot
design for full compliance of 3 Way SLI to differentiate from others who work in
2.2 even 2.5 slot, which may run into mechanical interference or overheating
due to poor ventilation.

Rugged Cap, Full Solid-State OS-CON capacitors
Gainward designs in only with the highest quality components to ensure
excellent stability at extreme conditions, no one piece of Gainward GTX 470
was shipped without surviving from critical burn-in tests. High quality low-ESR
solid-state OS-CON capacitors are used to improve overclockability and
robustness even at critical environments.

QuattroPorts, 4-ports-in-1 Universal HD connectivity
Gainward generously provide 4 Full HD ports (DisplayPort, HDMI & Dual
Dual-Link DVIs) in one, fulfills universal connectivity to diverse displays. Dual
View is supported with ease without bothering connector conversion. Got a 30”
monitor looking for 2560 x 1600 extreme HD resolution. Here you go!

DirectX 11 Performance benchmark – Unigine Engine.
NVIDIA GF100 Fermi architecture GPUs fully
utilize Microsoft DirectX 11 all hardware features,
earlier benchmark software, which based on DX9
or DX10 is deemed not impropriate to fully
evaluate true performance of new state-of-the-art
DX11 hardware. Gamers and reviewers are
strongly recommended to evaluate and
experience photorealistic, detail-rich DX11
benchmarking engine – Unigine, free download at

Best C/P DX11 High-end Cards of All
Gainward has done the homework raced against its big brother GeForce GTX 480 and its rival Radeon 5870
& 5850. The result is rather exciting. Without a doubt, GTX 480 pulled the highest score above all, while
GTX 470 outperforms 5870 up to 15%, and whopping 37% faster than 5850 at normal settings.

Performance wise, GTX 480 is an absolute king of graphics. When it comes down to C/P, Gainward GTX
470 grabbed the best C/P (Unigine Score/MSRP at 1920×1200 resolution) spare a lot of headroom against
HD 5870 & 5850. More benefits will be revealed when more DX11 gamers rolled out using tessellation,
interactive raytracing, real-time PhysX features. Furthermore, new Fermi architecture has triggered a
graphics revolution with 3D entertainment not only for gaming, also Blu-ray 3D will soon become a standard
gear for Home Theater PC taking advantage of 3DTV Play.

Free Applications bundles:

  • Supersonic Sled
    Strap yourself to a rocket – and get ready to experience serious G-forces.
    A great example of how combining PhysX simulation, CUDA and DX11
    hardware tessellation delivers a glimpse into the future of realistic and
    interactive game play.

  • Design Garage
    Interact with and create incredibly photo-realistic images of some of the
    fastest, most exclusive vehicles on (and off) the road through CUDA
    accelerated ray tracing. Each 3D model has an assortment of
    customizable parameters – so you control the look and feel of the
    materials, the lighting, and even the scene. Once you have satisfied
    your imagination, capture the moment and share the photo-realistic
    vehicle image with the world.

  • Super LoiLoScope
    Super LoiLoScope is a user-friendly and super-fast video editing software that utilize CUDA engine of your new GAINWARD Graphics card to its full potential. You may
    organize, combine multiple videos or place special effects on them
    up to 10X more efficient than non-CUDA graphics! Then save to
    various formats and watch on-the-go with your portable devices
    (iPod, iPhone, etc.) or to share on youTube as easy as just one-click!
    Download and experience 30 days trial for free. To purchase full
    version of Super LoiLoScope with voucher gets 25% discount
    (MSRP $88) special for GAINWARD valued customers.