POINT OF VIEW and TGT are announcing the 891 MHz POV/TGT GeForce GTS 450 “Ultra Charged”


(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Eindhoven / Miami / Rio de Janeiro/ Taipei / Madrid / Munich – September 21st, 2010 – Point of View the leading European manufacturer of an exclusive range NVIDIA based 3D processor boards, advanced netbooks as well as fancy touchpad computers and additional enthusiast PC products, announces today a complete product range of advanced 3D processor graphics cards based on NVIDIA’s latest GeForce GTS 450 GPU with unrestricted support for PhysX, CUDA, SLI and 3D Vi-sion.


PhysX is supporting life-like realism of collisions, movements and explosions in advanced 3D gaming. CUDA is a platform to support parallel processing, e.g. for pixel-intensive image – and video–processing. SLI supports two graphics cards running in parallel, while 3D Vision supports true 3D experi-ence with wireless 3D glasses.

POV/TGT are offering 2 models with significantly enhanced clock settings, way beyond the recommended and widely proliferated reference clock settings of 783 MHz core clock and 3608 MHz memory clock.

The POV/TGT GeForce GTS 450 Ultra ChargedTM is of highest quality and feature rock solid stability even beyond the documented clock settings of 891 MHz core clock, 1782 MHz shader clock and 4008 MHz memory clock (1002 MHz times 4 due to GDDR-5).

The POV/TGT GeForce GTS 450 ChargedTM guarantees rock solid stability at a minimum of 835 MHz core clock, 1670 MHz shader clock and 3800 MHz memory clock (900 MHz times 4 due to GDDR-5).

“Fortunately we are introducing our products 2 weeks later than most of our competitors, and the addi-tional 2 weeks, we dedicated to balance the performance our products, will definitely pay off for our users” said Wolfram Tismer, CEO of TGT. “The POV/TGT GeForce GTS 450 products priced at € 139 and € 129 are offering today what we believe is “the best bang for the buck”, or in other words the best performance for a medium sized budget.”

“Point of View was always striving to offer high quality products with extremely low defective rates,” added Björn Solli, CEO of Point of View. “The addition of professionally tuned enthusiast products to our existing product range based on high quality components and high quality manufacturing enjoyed an overwhelming response around the world by the well known community of enthusiastic computer journalists as independent reviews turned out to be exceptional.”

Considering the 783 MHz NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 reference design, the 891 MHz POV/TGT GeForce GTS 450 Ultra Charged offers a significant performance increase of over 100 MHz.