Gainward GeForce GT 430 1024MB

Satisfy all your needs with the most affordable graphic card to level up your multimedia platforms!

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

October 11th, 2010 – Today is an unusual day at Gainward. As a world-renowned market leader, Gainward is amongst the first one to annouce the new GT 430 1GB DDR3 model. From the mainstream to performance, Gainward is always considerate of everyone’s needs and budgets. Gainward GeForce GT 430 1GB does not make exceptional, featuring with the latest graphic processor- Nvidia Fermi Architecture (GF108 chipset). It is designed to conquer the mainstream market by providing the latest VGA technologies with an appealing price, absolutely excite you by leveling up you multimedia platforms.


Gainward GeForce GT 430 1GB equipped with 96 Nivdia CUDA cores is clocked the speed at 700MHz and geared with 1GB of DDR3 memory clocked at 800 MHz on a 128 bits bus. Gainward has made this robust card with strong performance, the variety of outputs and Gainward optimized own design fan. Gainward GeForce GT 430 1GB has once again made excellence based on Nvidia Fermi architecture which supports DirectX 11 state-of-the-art technology and embraces Nvidia CUDA and PhysX for your upmost experience.

By fully adopting DirectX11 up-to-date technology, Gainward GeForce GT430 1GB easily defeats the competitors in red camp-HD 5570 and HD 5550. The performance under DirectX10 benchmark surpasses HD 5570 by 8% and HD 5550 by 37 % while the DirectX11 performance exceeds HD 5570 by 16% and HD 5550 proudly by 40%. Gainward GeForce GT430 1GB not only shows a stunning new level of details but also provides superlative gaming thrills and delivers a wonderful entertaining experience.

Gainward GeForce GT 430 1GB is your best choice for powerful digital media PCs. It has efficient GPU-accelerated features, whether you are gaming, HD videos editing or trans-recoding videos, Gainward GT 430 brings you a perfect fluidity playing experience with a sweet price, satisfying both your wallet and gaming needs. If you have a good savor to daily visional stimulation, Gainward GT430 native HDMI 1.4a will also bring you an astonishing enjoyment by supporting Blu-Ray 3DTM with seamless 1080p 3D home theater. Gainward GT 430 1GB has alterative output configuration of DVI, HDMI and VGA that features the most flexible combination of monitor outputs and multiple utility choices. For more demanding users, Gainward GeForce GT 430 will no doubt fulfill their functional expectations as well.

Gainward GeForce GT 430 1GB is overall composed of a perfect recipe: performances, lower power consumption, connectivity and pretty pricing. It is the best choice for multimedia adoption with NVIDIA PureVideoTM HD technology. Explore your gaming adventure; satisfy all your needs and enjoy the 3D home theater quality with the best price of Gainward GeForce GT 430 1GB.

Gainward Signature Designs
Gainward dedicates in graphics industry and stands strong for more than 2 decades counts on innovative R&D and highest quality control standards down to components level. Gainward won gamers’ thumb-up with signature designs listed below,

Gainward Optimized Own Design, GOOD for Infinity!
Gainward accumulated 2 decades of core competences in graphics industry. Always comes out creative own innovations, engineering for more stable circuit layouts, empowering GPU, memory & key components with more than sufficient power for better over-clock ability & robustness.

Rugged Cap, Full Solid-State OS-CON capacitors
Gainward designs in only with the highest quality components to ensure excellent stability at extreme conditions. High quality low-ESR rugged solid-state OS-CON capacitors are used to improve over-clocking ability and robustness even at critical environments.

Expertool, Best Graphics Tuning Utility in the industry
Not any other super fast graphics card is been compliable without a powerful tuning engine! Always tempted to go one step further and squeeze last drop of juice out of your already over-clocked gaming rig. It’s a piece of cake, Gainward takes care of your power-hungry desires, gears you up with the best graphics tuning utility – Expertool, which enable clock rates and fans controls. Your babies are well protected by the safety net, the smart utility possesses fail-safe clock-down override, and even a first-timer can exercise with a peace of mind.