Gainward Announces “How Fast Can You GO?” Competition for Overclockers

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Worldwide contest to win US$1000 cash and Gainward GeForce® “Phantom” graphics cards

As the leading brand in enthusiastic graphics cards, Gainward announced the worldwide overclocking competition which will run from the 29th of Aug to the 26th of Sep 2011. The competition will attract to the overclocking pros, enthusiasts and hobbyists worldwide to gives them an opportunity to experience the performance, stability and quality of Gainward GeForce® graphics cards in an exciting competitive setting. Geared with Gainward GeForce® branded graphics cards will have a chance to win the US$1000 cash and Gainward GeForce® “Phantom” graphics cards. It will see the worldwide contestants aiming to achieve the highest 3DMark 2011 scores as the competition titled “How Fast Can You Go?”.

Please visit the contest website for complete details, rules or follow the contest full run down of results.

“How Fast Can You Go?”
Period: 2011 Aug. 29th ~2011 Sep. 26th
Overall top 3 score wins.
1st Place: $ 1000 USD cash
2nd Place: Gainward GeForce® GTX 580 1536MB “Phantom”x1
3rd Place: Gainward GeForce® GTX 570 1280MB “Phantom”x1

Additional chances to win the fabulous prizes of Gainward GeForce® “Phantom” graphics cards, join the precision challenge of “Can You Hit the Phantom “560/570/580?”. Weekly lucky winners will be drawn randomly each week from the contestants who hit the week’s target score.

Can You Hit the Phantom “560/570/580”?
Weekly Lucky Draw

Contest website