OUKITEL MIX 2 VS XIAOMI MIX 2 in appearance and performance, Presale flash sale at $229.99

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

This week, OUKITEL announced the Global First Sale for the latest fulll screen killer OUKITEL MIX 2. As the sale is hot ongoing, OUKITEL is endeavored to complete massive production for this high-end MIX 2. After a long period of adjusting and discovering, OUKITEL has finally decided the software. Here we have got the video about MIX 2 interface, inner functions and its fluent and smooth performance.


To check more detailed view of OUKITEL MIX 2, the video compared its design and performance with the XIAOMI MIX 2. The two smartphones looks alike in front, 5.99 inch 18:9 full screen with front camera on the bottom right. While on the back they are different. Due to different material, the gloss on the battery cover looks different, but we have to say that both smartphones look quite beautiful and comfortable to hold in one hand.

OUKITEL MIX 2 runs on Android 7.0 OS, it gets a cold tone on the interface while XIAOMI MIX 2 gets a warmer tone. The video compared the interface, settings, specs, speed to open APPs, camera visual effect, photo and video display effect, gyroscope effect, etc. XIAOMI MIX 2 acts quite good, but OUKITEL MIX 2 is not far behind too.

OUKITEL MIX 2 Global First Sale is hot ongoing on Gearbest from November 27th to December 4th at the price of $269.99. However with a $40 coupon code “OukMIX2”you can get it at $229.99. To know more about OUKITEL MIX 2 flash sale, check on OUKITEL Official Website.