Thecus unterstützt neue Seagate IronWolf 125 SSDs & IronWolf Pro HDDs mit 18 TByte

Both fast & big storage drives are welcomed to use in every current Thecus NAS

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

09/11/2020 – Seagate recently not only released its new IronWolf 125 SSDs but also enhanced the storage options to 18 TB of its popular and reliable IronWolf Pro HDD series and Thecus is pleased to confirm that all of these drives can be used in every current Thecus NAS model.


The new Seagate IronWolf 125 are purpose-built NAS SATA SSDs for connected home and small office or home office (SOHO), and deliver high performance and fast responsiveness for media, demanding applications and multi-user environments. These SSDs are available with capacities of 250 to 4000 GB with performances of up to 560 MB/s reading and up to 540 MB/s writing. They support the usual SSD features like Wear Leveling, Bad Block Management, Over Provisioning, Garbage Collection and TRIM for high reliability and Seagate provides a limited warranty of five years.

The new IronWolf Pro HDD with 18 TB is specifically designed and optimized for NAS with “Seagate AgileArray” firmware built on top of CMR technology, delivering consistent RAID performance while enabling multiple, simultaneous users. The drive offers 250 MB/s data transfer rates, making it the highest capacity and fastest IronWolf hard drive in the pack. IronWolf Pro HDDs offer IronWolf Health Management integrated into ThecusOS 7 to safeguard data and improve reliability. This model also is covered by a five-year limited warranty.

After extensive compatibility testing with many different models, the Seagate IronWolf 125 SSDs and the IronWolf Pro 18TB are drop-in ready for every current Thecus NAS (and even many older models) to accelerate data access or expand capacity and satisfy any storage-needy application or environment.

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