Godeal24 2022 New Year Sale: Special Offer limited time on Office 2021 only 30€!!!

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2022 is just around the corner. In the past year, due to the impact of the COVID-19, many companies have requested to work from home in order to ensure the safety of their employees. Therefore, telecommuting is a popular trend. Because of this sudden increase in demand, more and more pirated software appears. This will not only threaten your computer security but also greatly increase the risk of file data loss, causing incalculable damage to your work loss. Godeal24.com is a professional, legal online store for office and game software activation codes. Godeal24 provides you with professional and formal software activation codes at super low prices.


Godeal24, a New Year promotion is going on. At present, the most popular Office 2021 and Windows 10 are hot sale at a low price. Do you still don’t know how to choose the products you want? We have listed the most popular software for you based on Godeal24’s recent sales rankings, so that your shopping will no longer be confused. In addition, there are discounts of up to 50% on Windows OS and huge discounts on other software.

The first choice for Office software: MS Office

MS Office has always been the office of choice for most people, but the high price is often prohibitive. Now, at Godal24, you can buy MS Office at a super low price. Office 2021 is as low as 14.44€ per PC.

Hot Sale: Windows 11 less than 15€

Windows 11 has improved the user interface on the basis of its predecessor to follow Microsoft’s new smooth design. System guidelines, the redesign focuses on ease of use and flexibility.

The Best Partner: MS Office & Operating System Bundle (Higher discounts with coupon code “SGO62“)

On Godeal24.com, you can get MS Office and its bundle keys with Windows OS at lower price around 24.14€~44.55€

Up to 50% off on Windows! With coupon code “SGO50

More Versions: All for your works and online study with coupon code “SGO62

Tools for your Computer

Besides, you can also find more computer tools to improve your productivity here.

Users will receive full installation details by email within a very short time after their purchase. They will have a product license key and all the necessary instructions to download the software or operating system and then install their Windows or Microsoft Office activation key. No storage costs, no delivery, few premises, no problem of availability or limited stock of products, and above all excellent customer service that responds quickly and guides you efficiently. Contact Us: service@godeal24.com