Tremendous VGA Power – Aeolus FX5900 from AOpen

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Only just having won the nVIDIA „Best Service Award“ from nVIDIA Europe and having been chosen as an nVidia launch partner, AOpen is glad to announce the newest generation VGA card, the Aeolus FX5900 with nVIDIA Geforce FX5900 chip. AOpen will launch the Aeolus FX5900 in June 2003. The Aeolus FX5900 is the newest generation VGA card with tremendous 2/3D graphic power, many fruitful functions and new cinematic 2.0 visual contacts…

Performance-wise, the Aeolus FX5900 is one of the fastest 8x AGP cards currently available. It features the nVIDIA Geforce FX5900 GPU with a 256-bit core architecture and a 256-bit memory interface, which ensures you of a much higher performance than that of 128-bit GPU graphic cards. Cinematic 2.0 computing revolution delivers only true 128-bit precision processing. So the Aeolus FX5900 can take cinematic-quality special effects to new levels, providing the industry with a compatible and reliable gaming platform. To support entertainment features, the Aeolus FX5900 features Video-in on the board to provide complete AGP Graphic & Video functions. The card will be packed in the elegant color box shown below.

AOpen Aeolus FX5900 Box
AOpen Aeolus FX5900 Box

Below please find the Aeolus FX5900 features:

  • nVIDIA Geforce FX5900 GPU
  • 128MB of 800MHz DDR Video Memory
  • 256-bit GPU architecture with 256-bit memory bandwidth supported
  • DVI, Video In/Out, CRT connectors – Full nVIEW functions support
  • Free DVI to CRT adaptor bundle with Dual Monitor function support
  • Free bundle with WinDVD support Deluxe DVD/VCD play
  • Free bundle with WinProducer providing MPEGII/MPEGI Recorder function