Server Technology Reaches New Heights With Four New Platforms From Tyan

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Fremont, CA, August 2nd, 2004 – Server customers continue to demand higher levels of performance from their systems, to deliver the latest applications and solutions into every market. Answering that call to action, Tyan is introducing four (4) new Intel-based server class platforms for the mid to high-end segment.


The Tyan Thunder i7520 (S5360) and Thunder i7520R (S5360-1U) represent the high-end solutions of the multiprocessor server spectrum. Using the Intel E7520 „Lindenhurst“ enterprise server chipset, the S5360/S5360-1U both provide support for dual Intel® Xeon™ „Nocona“ processors with EM64T (64-bit) technology, multi-bus PCI-X expansion slots, two Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, and up to 32/16GB of Registered DDR266/333 memory. In addition, both support Tyan’s unique TARO™ SO-DIMM storage expansion module support, which provides SATA or SCSI RAID capability depending on the customer’s requirements. The Thunder i7520 (S5360) also features a PCI Express™ x8 slot, multiple PCI-X slots and legacy PCI support, all for tower/pedestal configurations. The Thunder i7520R (S5360-1U) has a thermally-optimized layout which makes it ready for any rackmount application.

Also being introduced are the ATX-sized Tiger i7320 (S5350) and Tiger i7320R (S5350-1U). Both of these compact, mid-range server platforms use the Intel E7320 „Lindenhurst-VS“ chipset, and deliver support for dual Intel® Xeon™ „Nocona“ processors with EM64T technology, support for 32/16GB of Registered DDR266/333 memory, high-speed PCI-X and PCI performance, multiple integrated storage options, and two PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet ports. The Tiger i7320 (S5350) has multiple PCI-X and PCI slots which provide higher expandability options for tower/pedestal systems, while the Tiger i7320R (S5350-1U) features a thermally-optimized layout and provide compatibility with Tyan TARO™ SO-DIMM expansion modules, all of which make it exceptionally well-suited for high-density rackmount configurations.

„Customer demands on high-end technology have continued to drive new innovation and features into multiprocessing server solutions,“ said Don Clegg, VP of Marketing and Strategic Programs at Tyan. „It is for this reason that Tyan has created the Thunder i7520/R (S5360/S5360-1U) and Tiger i7320/R (S5350/S5350-1U), to provide customers with a full range of server products for any range of applications.“

The Thunder i7520/R (S5360/S5360-1U) and Tiger i7320/R (S5350/S5350-1U) are currently sampling now, and will ramp up into high volume in mid Q3 of this year.