VoodooPC Launches „EDEN f:2“ the first Liquid Cooled Multi-Processor Professional Workstation

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

October 18, 2004 – CALGARY, ALBERTA – VoodooPC, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance personalized computer systems, today announced the official launch of Voodoo EDEN f:2, the worlds first multi processor liquid cooled workstation for creative professionals.


Professional workstations are used for making movies, creating video games, video editing from DV cameras, and much more. Current Windows based PC based workstations may be adequate for general purpose, but they’re extremely loud due to the excess fan noise required to cool their powerful processors. Other non-Windows based quieter workstations are underpowered in comparison, so Voodoo has raised the bar by implementing a sealed liquid cooling system on the EDEN f:2 workstations which creates a much quieter, almost silent experience.

„The ambient noise generated by today’s workstations is extremely distracting to the user“ said Rahul Sood, President and CTO of VoodooPC. „If you put a few workstations in one confined area, the noise level reaches ridiculous levels, which may ultimately lead to lower productivity. We also find that over time an air cooled machine may become unstable due to the amount of dust that settles on the internal fans. This is why we created the EDEN f:2. By cooling the processors with a sealed liquid solution we are able to drop the ambient noise significantly and we increase the overall performance and reliability of the machine as a result.“

Starting at $3700, Voodoo EDEN f:2 for Creative Professionals is like a gift from the Workstation Gods, featuring the latest Quadro video cards from nVidia, Dual Opteron Processors from AMD, and the largest hard drives on the market by Hitachi – there really is no other solution like it today.

For more information on the Voodoo EDEN f:2, or to view images of this system visit www.voodoopc.com/systems/edenf2.aspx.